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On the highly acclaimed, #1 Rock radio station in the Pacific Northwest- KISW 99.9fm, Weight of the World remained the undefeated band in the stations biggest competition, The Cock Fight, 5 nights in a row. Their song "God Help Me" earned them the winning title each time it was featured in the battle where two songs, thrown into the ring, duke it out to see who comes out strongest. Listeners call in with their votes to determine who will be crowned champion. The Cock Fight airs weeknights at 9pm.

“Killer competition guys! You went up against and ROCKED some really tough bands!! Spitting Cobra’s.. Sunday Night Black Out.. Marginal Way.. Atomic Outlaws.. WOW! What a fight!!! Congratulations on your victory! As always, you continue to rock my face off! LOVE the new songs.. Can’t wait till the next show!!!”
- Kristi Lund (Edmonds, WA) - Myspace.com - WEIGHT OF THE WORLD 2008

Last Friday, Weight of the World was the featured “Band of the Week” on the KISW 99.9fm Morning Talk Show- The BJ Shea Morning Experience. Thousands tuned in to hear a morning packed with Weight of the World’s Pure Rock Fury.

“Heard you guys on BJ Shea this morning! That was AWESOME!! You guys have some mind blowing riffs.. When’s the new album coming out??”
-Brandon Jones (Seattle, WA)

“Fantastic show this morning! I have been a listener of BJ Shea for a long time and always look forward to hearing new bands on Fridays. I caught your show and immediately loved your music! You’ve gained a huge fan!!”
-Generosa Schauer (Tacoma, WA) - Myspace.com - WEIGHT OF THE WORLD 2008

Weight of the World has a really eclectic style of rock. They’re not metal, they’re not your typical rock band, but they fit in there somewhere. They’re GOOD quality rock!
-Shawn Skager (Auburn, WA) - Auburn Reporter - 2009

That was a bad ass show you guys put on friday night. I didnt get to talk to any of you guys, but I'm sure I will see you again. Rock on.
-Jake (Bellingham, WA)

You guys rock! My neck hurts! Oh yeah thanks for the shirt!!!
-Kim (Puyallup, WA)

Thank You! Lets do it again..I would say soon, but..honestly, I mean NOW!!!! You guys killed it!! Great Show!!!
-Atomic Outlaws

Great show as always! Love you guys, you rock!
-Negative 7 - Myspace.com - WEIGHT OF THE WORLD 2009


2001 EP: (6E+24)kg
2005 Full Length: Bringing the Rock
Tracks found at www.myspace.com/wotwmusic
Radio favorites on Funky Monkey 104.9 FM are Foreign Man, Off We Go and Release.



Imagine searing classic tones from Gibson’s and Marshall’s forcing your fist in the air while powerful and progressive drum beats buckle your knees. Welcome to weight of the world.

WOTW blends classic influences such as Lynard Skynard, Black Sabbath & ACDC with the diversity of Tool, Dave Mathews & The Mars Volta. The result is heart felt, sincere, rock n roll.

With hundreds of performances behind them, weight of the world has a firm belief that they are a ‘servant’ to the audience. They believe each person in the crowd deserves to be entertained as if they were the only one on earth. With great dedication to move the mind and body of each fan, weight of the world has become known to consistently deliver electrifying live performances. As your servant, weight of the world serves up rock; and they serve it up hot and fresh; guaranteed.

HISTORY: Stemming from the Pacific Northwest, the historic roots of WOTW grow deep. Before forming in 2000, Jimmy Vanderford (guitar/vocals) and Billy Gadberry (bassist) were exposed to many local talents. You could often find them sharing a stage, or sharing a couch with members of Alice n’ Chains, Grunt Truck, War Babies, Randy Hansen and Heart. Then and now, the two have been stuck together like Siamese twins. When drummer Tory Mayfield joined the group in the fall of 2000, the power trio “weight of the world” was born. Tory brings what a 3rd leg brings to a tripod. If you cut it off, the whole thing falls. Recently the power trio has shared the stage with The Apex Theory, Floater, Manntis, Jet Black Stare, and many others.

Life is born of music; hence the birth of weight of the world. For no rhyme, but for great reason, weight of the world will find a place in your heart, and will earn a place in your soul.

Thank you for reading.