WEIGHT OF THE WORLD is simply described as PURE ROCK FURY! Songs packed with dynamics, hooks, melodies and odd time signatures. Live performance with energy and showmanship guaranteed to entertain.


Imagine searing classic tones from Gibson’s and Marshall’s forcing your fist in the air while powerful and progressive drum beats buckle your knees. Welcome to weight of the world.

WOTW blends classic influences such as Lynard Skynard, Black Sabbath & ACDC with the diversity of Tool, Dave Mathews & The Mars Volta. The result is heart felt, sincere, rock n roll.

With hundreds of performances behind them, weight of the world has a firm belief that they are a ‘servant’ to the audience. They believe each person in the crowd deserves to be entertained as if they were the only one on earth. With great dedication to move the mind and body of each fan, weight of the world has become known to consistently deliver electrifying live performances. As your servant, weight of the world serves up rock; and they serve it up hot and fresh; guaranteed.

HISTORY: Stemming from the Pacific Northwest, the historic roots of WOTW grow deep. Before forming in 2000, Jimmy Vanderford (guitar/vocals) and Billy Gadberry (bassist) were exposed to many local talents. You could often find them sharing a stage, or sharing a couch with members of Alice n’ Chains, Grunt Truck, War Babies, Randy Hansen and Heart. Then and now, the two have been stuck together like Siamese twins. When drummer Tory Mayfield joined the group in the fall of 2000, the power trio “weight of the world” was born. Tory brings what a 3rd leg brings to a tripod. If you cut it off, the whole thing falls. Recently the power trio has shared the stage with The Apex Theory, Floater, Manntis, Jet Black Stare, and many others.

Life is born of music; hence the birth of weight of the world. For no rhyme, but for great reason, weight of the world will find a place in your heart, and will earn a place in your soul.

Thank you for reading.


2001 EP: (6E+24)kg
2005 Full Length: Bringing the Rock
Tracks found at www.myspace.com/wotwmusic
Radio favorites on Funky Monkey 104.9 FM are Foreign Man, Off We Go and Release.

Set List

A typical WEIGHT OF THE WORLD set is about 45 minutes long. Dynamic for performance and flow.
WOTW's most recent set:

Ida Smiles (new song)
Warning Bell (new song)
American Love Song (Bringing the Rock
Easy (Bringing the Rock)
Back to Life (new song)
Release (Bringing the Rock)
Off We Go (Bringing the Rock)
The River (new song)

Say It Nice (6E+24)kg