We Insist!

We Insist!


For those who like beauty dressed in weird clothes...WE INSIST! do write songs, and the drummer is singing them. Metal, experimental rock, hardcore, noise, free-rock, free-jazz ? A fist-like and furious stage band, a music that explores new territories and avoids dilusion.


Their music is a free mix of hardcore, experimental metal and free-jazz. It’s dark, violent but melodic, sophisticated, complex but not complicated. It makes you shiver and then hits you like an uppercut.
We Insist! explores new territories, avoiding any respite. By favoring sudden breaks and progressions into short-lengths tracks, We Insist! remains unpredictable. A fist-like music, carefully avoiding the dilution of its vision and suggesting various well-digested references such as At the Drive-In, Queens of the Stone Age, Mr Bungle, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, John Zorn, Primus, Victims Family, Sonic Youth…


After having released "Oh! things are so corruptibel" (4th album) in early 2007, on Corruptible records (their own label), WE INSIST! was signed by the german label "EXILE ON MAINSTREAM" wich is part of SOUTHERN RECORDS.

2004: "Crude", is a stunning, sensible and wild album recorded fast played fast.
2002: "Inner Pond", the first produced and distributed album
1999: a self-produced LP, "I Witness!"
1998: a self-titled 5-track EP We Insist!

Set List

The Sailor
Skin suit
Duel Nausea
Reliable shadow
Half awake
Beaten Black & Blue
An Architect
Time is lazy

This is a typical updated 1h15 setlist with 5 new songs wich do not figure on the CRUDE album.

WE INSIST! never did cover on stage nor in one of their allbums.