Weird Owl

Weird Owl

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Beanstalk Rock: Be Prepared to Ascend.


Retro is theft, current is kitsch, so we reside in the future. Sure we listen to Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, Love, Donovan, and the 13th Floor Elevators a lot, but our idea is that the frontier of music lies in outer/inner space and the propulsion into and the exploration of realms beyond the means of the ordinary "rock band".
Therefore, Weird Owl's heavy guitar and graceful sonic sweeps of the organ are meant to convey distances that are simultaneously galaxies away but also deep within, chugging along with the rhythm section of tight interconnectedness. Along with its heavily symbolic and allegorical lyrics, Weird Owl intends to establish itself as a musical Lewis and Clark--voyaging into the fringe, observing the strange flora and fauna found there, mingling with the natives, and then creating a psychedelic map for all those who have not yet made the journey into the same weird realms.
Consciousness and music are mystically united and to not explore that link is a failure to fully use the powers inherent in music. Would you rather see someone tinker around with dusty old sounds, ignorant of their potential, or would you rather see a full-blown attempt at Wizardry, invoking the dormant forces of sonic frequencies?


Weird Owl has a self recorded and released four song EP that we give away freely at our shows.
A soon-to-be-released 5 song EP entitled "Nuclear Psychology", has heads and industry type folks restlessy eager and agitated, awaiting the prophesied "imminent cosmic impact".
Recorded at Seaside Lounge Studios in Brooklyn by Gerard Garone (Radio 4) and Harley Zinger (live sound, Interpol), the EP promises to establish Weird Owl's place on the crest of the future wave of psychedelia, as well as finding the band a proper seat in the heavenly hierarchy of spiritual sounds.
The three songs here are but a taste of what's to come.

Set List

Weird Owl's set is comprised of 7 to 8 original numbers, finely tuned and tweaked to give the listener a maximum dose of our vibrations and forces without oversaturating the experience. Usually runs about 45 minutes, but can be extended or abbreviated as deemed necessary.