we just stole a car

we just stole a car


A plethora of sounds, styles, idea and moods paired with visual art. Experimental, jazz, alternative, noise, ambiance, composition, improvisation, dance, paint and projection. wejuststoleacar.com info@wejuststoleacar.com


"Kid John and Peter: two west coasters trying to come to terms with their overwhelming need to experiment. We expect a whole lot more from this duo in the future..."
-CBC Radio 3/New Music Canada

Recent CBC Radio 3/New Music Canada featured artist we just stole a car is the product of two years of planning and conceptualizing. Their first CD, ‘a’, is the product of a year’s worth of writing and recording as a duo (kid john on guitar, electronics, drums, trumpet, piano, electric piano, percussion, and water, and peter on bass) at a home studio in vancouver, bc. The music is a combination of various genres and experiments with different moods and textures.

We just stole a car explores different creative mediums by pairing their music with visual art. Artists jessica jang and jessica groome provide visual compliments to we just stole a car’s music through use of paint, slides, and dance.

The current live line-up includes:

kid john: guitar, electronics, trumpet.
peter: bass
kevin klever: drums.
richard shaffer: piano.
dominic conway: sax.
jessica jang: painting.
jessica groome: dance, painting.

We just stole a car’s live show recreates a’s songs with the addition of new members and instrumentation, and with an emphasis on improvisation, ambiance, and sound.


Release first cd 'a' independently.
Track list includes:

kid john: guitar, drums, trumpet, electronics, percussion, water.
peter: bass.

Set List

a mix of our compositions and improvisation (play within any time limit, prefer more than 30 minutes.)