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We Killed Vegas

Big Stone Gap, Virginia, United States | SELF

Big Stone Gap, Virginia, United States | SELF
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"We Killed Vegas – Knock It Off EP"

Rompin’ stompin’, rock-fistin’ rock ‘n roll. That’s what Virginia’s We Killed Vegas is all about. Their sound is catching on in the Southwestern Virginia region, due heavily to its familiarity. Crusty Camaro drivers will lament “nobody plays rock ‘n roll anymore,” and We Killed Vegas promptly enter with Knock it Off. Comparisons to AC/DC are too easy, but that’s who they’re imitating. We’ve heard recent attempts at this, primarily from The Darkness a few years ago. Though The Darkness were unabashedly ’70s throwback, they carried a unique flamboyant swagger which at least made them fun.

Lead single “Love Without Love” starts off in a very “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” way, which is disconcerting since it’s probably the most recognized throwback song in the past ten years. The distorted, prominent power chords lead in the EP, furiously announcing its heavy lifting from 1970s rock ‘n roll. Where The Darkness did flamboyance and Jet did grooviness, We Killed Vegas do very simple, very straightforward power rock. Frontman Davie Edwards rocks the causal talk-but-still-singing growl, telling a awfully uninteresting story about a girl he met at the rock show. The lyrics are abhorrent: “I seen her dancing at the front of the stage / and I never left her eyes / so I walked up with a ‘hey, what’s your name?’ / she said, ‘don’t you know that’s not nice.’ / I didn’t know what to say / I was gonna go / then she said to me / take my hand, we can leave / I can take it off, I want to show / LOVE WITHOUT LOVE.” The “I didn’t know what to say / I was gonna go/ then she said to me” is affront against music. No melody, no raw energy–just lazy mimicking of well-worn cock-rock. The chorus of a shouted “love without love” is not a worthy payoff.

We Killed Vegas does more mindless posturing for the remaining two songs, “Nails Like Knives” and “This Ain’t No Pity Party.” Yes, the band wants to have fun and just play rock ‘n roll, man, but everything about the music from vocals to lyrics to guitars to drums ring hollow. Empty of any creative ambition, Knock it Off is a waste of time. - Bradley Hartsell


Release Date: 02/21/12

Self-Released: 05/20/11



The long and storied past of Big Stone Gap, VA has been working toward one thing: the culmination in the teeth-kicking rock of We Killed Vegas. Inspired by the most respected rockers–AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Billy Squier, and The Who–We Killed Vegas is all about having a good time and melting your face. After recording their EP “Knock It Off” with Grammy Award-winner Alan Maggard, the group took off on tour and got signed by White Strings Records. They recently wrapped production on their full-length debut album, produced by Jason “JJ Killa” Andrews out of Atlanta, due to drop February 21st.