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Welcome Karma


Since 2001, Welcome Karma's pop/folk/ sound has elevated the band's success in Toronto. Solid drum grooves with fat bass, grungy guitars and pop vocals make this band a must see!


Welcome Karma

Welcome Karma is a unique 3-piece indie pop outfit from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of singer songwriter & guitars, Erik Alcock, musical counterpart drummer & percussion, Andrew Haust alongside, newcomer bass & backing vocals, Adam Balsam. Welcome Karma is winning listeners over with their unique blend of amiable pop songs and more wistful sometimes melancholic modern folk music. Their songs often possess a clap your hands and stomp your feet quality, while Erik’s nostalgic voice instantly connects listeners to memories of childhood and coming of age.

After signing with EMI Music Publishing in 2000, Erik has been accompanied by many talented musicians that have come and gone, including one member who took off to British Columbia to become a monk. After a short solo stint Erik rejoined with long time friend Andrew Haust to record a 3 song demo. The demo exemplified the undeniable chemistry between two. This creative flow inspired their current disc “Flying Saucer Express”. In the Fall Welcome Karma will start recording with Dan Kurtz (The New Deal, Feist, Sarah Slean), following their eastern Canadian tour.

“Flying Saucer Express”, had the help of many notable names in the Canadian music industry such as Garth Hudson of The Band, who lends his amazing production & performance skills on some of the tracks. The result is a collection of songs by an ensemble of friends that is an introductory to the band, and worthwhile exploring. Erik Alcock's songwriting is honest, heartfelt and hooky, and he continues to develop his skills both solo and through co-writing situations. Welcome Karma is developing their live show by playing shows whenever they can. Touring is also in the works, as we start with the East Coast this fall, and the West Coast to follow. We are developing and building their fan base on a national and international scale. Email us, and check out our website for updates and developments, you never know when we will be in your hometown.


Alone in the House

Written By: Erik Alcock

Alone in the house is making me feel
That I was wrong to believe that you’re not real
I can’t find peace of mind here

That’s for sure, not anymore
Now you’re beating down my door
I can’t find peace of mind here

If you don’t want to listen to me
Then you can hide in your deepest fantasies
You won’t find your lost time here

That’s for sure, not anymore
Now you’re beating down my door
You won’t find peace of mind here

A bottomless pit of affection and grief
Tell me again how you’d live life without me
You’ve no line to hide behind here

That’s for sure, not anymore
Now you’re beating down my door
I can’t find peace of mind here

Watching the World

Written By: Erik Alcock

Watching the World
Written by Erik Alcock
Performed by Welcome Karma

Hello hello, why you look so tired
Have you been reading of destruction again?
When I wake up, I dread what the newsprint
Will tell me has happened in suffering today

Throw me a bone, tell me someone’s happy
Besides the rich and those responsible for waste
How about the woman who has a new baby?
Will she die of hunger, will she die of aids?

I won’t be the one who’ll believe all those liars
Their childrens stories the world is not dying
Sickened by waste we inject in her heart

Watching the world die, what a nice disguise
I find I’m getting sick of getting high

Strange there are those who are dying of starvation
Others pay surgeons to cut away the fat
Land of the kings, but a land that is dying
Day turns to night in the blink of an eye

P & C

Smothmother Music
w/EMI April Music (Canada) Ltd.

Liar Liar

Written By: Erik Alcock

Run around yelling show and tell
I find it hard to trust you though you say you wish me well
How can you want to be alone if you want to be alone with me?
You got St. Patrick hanging 'round your neck
Got religion to sustain you but you're still high tech
How can you want to alone if you want to be alone with me
Don't look over your shoulder
How can you want to live like that?
How could you want to live like that?
I don't ever want to live like that


3 song demo:
Oh Charlotte, Life in a photograph, Before you Fall
Full length: Flying Sauver Express!!!
... some college radio play, and some press
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Set List

We usually play 45 minutes sets, comprised of all originals, but can play longer if required