The Welcome Matt

The Welcome Matt

 San Francisco, California, USA

I am here to contribute. I want to make music that influences people's lives, just like it has influenced mine.
Creativity is my mode of transportation. From Bowie to Blur
Lennon to Wilco. I am here to make soundtracks for our human journey through time.


an indie rock, folk singing, song writing, poet originally from New England turned longtime San Francisco resident. I’ve been wandering the earth, performing in endless cafés, bars, living rooms and clubs, living off my downloads, gig money and somehow surviving life in the San Francisco underground.
I’m still here creating and in many ways I’ve just begun.

I’ve put out seven WELCOME MATT CD’s, two with HEY BRONTOSAURUS.
In 2012 my first compilation CD was released, THE PANHANDLE YEARS featuring some of my favorite WELCOME MATT songs over the last decade, including the single “KARMA."
From 2009 to 2011, I was consumed with the musical project, MEMBERS OF SOUND, releasing a song a month for 2 years. The project started out as just another late night idea on tour in West Hollywood but ended up being an amazing 24 months that culminated in two major CD releases. During this time I worked with many Bay Area musicians and an array of producers on MEMBERS OF SOUND, who have worked with artists such as FOSTER THE PEOPLE, FOUR NON-BLONDS, DAN THE AUTOMATOR, TRAIN, THE COUNTING CROWS and GALACTIC.

I played some 200 gigs, recorded and filmed a video in one day for “YOU ARE THE CHORDS”. This project started and ended with sold out performances at San Francisco’s favorite hipster live music venue CAFÉ DU NORD. My main objective was to maintain a creative state for a sustained period of time while chronicling the musician’s journey as I’ve seen it and known it. I am lucky to have met so many cool, crazy and committed characters along the way… all because of music.

I’ve been fortunate to have had MEMBERS OF SOUND songs downloaded all over the world catching the attention of many, especially here locally including, Peter Finch’s “FOG FILES” on KFOG 104.5, San Francisco Bay Area’s biggest radio station. KFOG also put the MEMBERS OF SOUND song “THAT I CAN DO “ on their 2011 Music in Schools summer sampler. During this period I also collaborated with renowned Modern dance choreographer CHRISTINE CALI.

With her CALI & CO dance company, we created “MOVE THRU ME”, a 3-day dance/music performance in San Francisco’s Dance Mission Theatre (Feb 11’) and YES ! a Members of Sound song, “MOVE THRU ME” was created with a dance/music video choreographed by Cali.

I’ll be on the road on in 2013, with shows up and down the West Coast also, crossing the country in the fall supporting my 2013 release.


Matt Langlois -The Welcome Matt LP-2000
The Welcome Matt- Coping Mechanisms-LP 2002
The Welcome Matt-Empire Days-LP 2004
The Welcome Matt-Right Outside Your Door -LP 2007
The Welcome Matt- Ends and Odds- EP-2008


The Panhandle Years -2012 compilation CD

Set List

98% culled from all current
Covers here and there now and again.