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"March 3, 2005"

Coley Kennedy sounds like David Bowie with a soul.
And even if Bowie hadn't sold his soul to
Beelzebub, he could sound as worthy as
Kennedy's band, Welcome to Ashley.
At its worst, power pop is just a bunch of
cheesy hooks, and lyrics about girls, but
WTA have a glam-rock swagger that
you haven't heard since Jim Ellison's day.
Worth watching.

Antonia Simigis
Time Out Chicago - Time Out, Chicago

"YOU'RE WELCOME, Music For The Feeling"

WTA (Welcome to Ashley) knows music.
They know Nick Lowe, and the Jam. and
the Buzzcocks. They know the source, not the recycled
watered-down riffs so many bands are
stealing from nowadays.

One small EP has just been released as a
testament to the band's chops.
"We Will Find the Sun" kicks off with
superb jagged guitar hooks that shift
and squirm through Kennedy's intriguing
vocals. An Ian McCulloch (Echo
and the Bunnymen) presence
distorts through a Jim Reid (Jesus
and Mary Chain) delivery,
lending gravity to poignantly contrasting
lines about sun, waves, summer, and
Not only does "Cheap Champagne"
follow with superb guitar lines, but an
ultra-sensitive rhythm section solidly
amplifies the whole affair. Barrett's
bass is beyond punchy and Bailey's
drums keep time in a solid, confident
manner that requires no flash to impress.
"Adeline" rounds out the EP with
Kennedy's best Richard Butler (Psychedelic
Furs) homage on vocals- Adeline is nothing but lies,
yet he loves loving her. What could
make someone more cynical, more
world-weary? What better way to
express it than, "It's gonna tear me apart!"
before cueing an economical half chorus
of expressive guitar solo?
A few moments later the EP ends, but
this kind of thing, thank goodness, goes
on and on.
You see, for all of us fans of pop, power,
punk, and the punchy- that genuine
expression amid an irresistible presentation
we've come to expect fro the best of
rock'n'roll... well, it's all emotion. We
feel certain things about it that will never
truly die. Long live rock. Long live
Welcome to Ashley. - Alan Jacobson- Third Coast Press

"MidPoint Music Festival 2005"

"incredibly organic and fearless pop drawing from many decades and both sides of the pond. WTA's driving drums and walkabout bass lines are a topped with jangly guitar riffs, borrowing some high end sheen from brit-pop guitar heroes, and vocals that roam between Morrissey and Michael Stipe. They currently have 2 EPs full of irresistable gems."
Dig It. The Housemartins, American Music Club, The Replacements. - City Beat, Cincinatti


The Bower EP (2003)

We Will Find the Sun EP (2004)

WTA can be heard on:
WLUW 88.7 (Chicago's Independent Radio)
WXRT 93.1 (Chicago)



British inspired tunes- by way of- Chicago. WTA's
influences include; Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo and
the Bunnymen, the Smiths, Big Star, the Stones,
the Clash, the Replacements, T-Rex, among others.

Ever-so-clever melodies, self reflective lyrics, and
infectious guitar hooks (a la the Stones, the Jam,
the Replacements) have won WTA the praise of critics,
fans, clubs owners, and fellow musicians alike.

"incredibly organic and fearless pop drawing from many decades and both sides of the pond"
City Beat, Cincinatti

"WTA has a glam-rock swagger that hasn't been heard
in most pop bands since Jim Ellison's days".
Time Out, Chicago

"WTA know the source. Not the recycled watered down
riffs bands are stealing from nowadays"
Third Coast Press

"no doubt that when you leave the room you will be
taking their (WTA) hooks with you"
Cherry Bomb

"Oasis meets the Smiths"
Centerstage Chicago