Welcome to the Cinema

Welcome to the Cinema


We are an indie/pop outfit out of South Dakota. We formed on Valentines Day 06 (apparently none of us had dates), and play as many shows as we can despite most of us being students. We like fun and happiness.


Valentines Day—a day of anxious hearts and eager limbs. A day of devilish negligees and curious bedroom secrets. A day of lavish treats, succulent soirees, and telling athleticism on dance floors and futons across the nation. It comes with little surprise that South Dakota-based indie rockers, Welcome to the Cinema, hooked up for the first time on that solicitous Winter’s day back in 2006. With a sound that can be categorized as spontaneous, but well-calculated; original, yet vaguely familiar, Cinema’s music is not unlike an intimate moment with a former lover atop a waterbed filled with poisonous sea anemones—a passionate, devil-may-care journey that rides the fine line between excitement and recklessness.

Powered by the voluptuous voice of Darin Dahlmeier (guitars and lead vocals), the brawny bass lines of Zeke Richter (bass & backing vocals), and the decadent dance beats of Cody Brown (drums), Cinema will take your ears and your taste buds on an exotic pleasure cruise that never sets anchor for too long so as to keep the voyage enticing.

With the lavish licks of Andrew Eide (lead guitar, keyboards, & backing vocals) and the succulent synths of singer/songwriter Tom Weismantel (synthesizers) guiding the way, Cinema will gather you up like the arms of a familiar lover and whist you away to a lush garden of audio delights where sassy vocals, dreamy guitars, torrid synths, pulsing bass lines, and clockwork beats wrestle with each other like a playful quintet of Athenian lovers—eager to learn more about each other’s bodies.


Blocks and Hills - LP out Aug 2008.

Tasty Taste, Sound of Thinking and Holy Ghost have been played on MPR's The Current and Tasty Taste has been played on XM Radio XMU, Seattle's KEXP, The University of Sioux Falls' KCFS, Augustana College's KAUR and Cornell College's KRNL. Shark Vs. Boat has recently been played on Sioux Falls' the KRRO 103.7

Set List

approx 45 min. all originals.