"WellBad is Blues for people who don't know that they like blues at all". - burnyourears.de
WellBad is rough, stomping and sentimental. Inspired by great artists like Tom Waits, The Black Keys and Seasick Steve!

"WellBad gave the "Blues of the Future" a new direction!" BluesNews Magazine


Daniel "WellBad" Welbat was born in Hamburg in 1989. As a young teenager he started to write his own songs and performed them in the bar-scene of hamburg. In 2011 Mizan Naro (E-Guitar) , Simon Andresen (Keyboard), Jonas Demelt (Percussion) , Basti Meyer (Drums) and Stefan Reich (Upright) founded the BAND called WellBad. The debut-album "beautiful disaster" was produced in 2011 at the Hafenklang-Studios by the producer Stephan Gade.

The Sound of WellBad is inspired by Roots and Blues. Daniel WellBad sings with a deep, whisky-drenched voice and the screaming E-Guitar of Mizan Naro gives the whole thing a big psychodelic touch.

Since the foundation the young musicians play at festivals in and around hamburg. 2012 they had their first Germany/Switzerland-Tour as a support of the Oli Brown Band.
Recently WellBad won the Emergenza-Festival-Award for North-Germany.
They plan another Tour as the mainact in december 2012 with A.S.S Concerts & Promotions.


Dec. 2010- EP Release "Better Days" (Soundtrack of the Warner Bros. Movie "Vater Morgana")

WellBad made the hole soundtrack of the movie "Vater Morgana". The songs were played in cinemas and on radio airplay.

2011- Album Release "beautiful diaster"

Songs of the Album were played on different radiostations.

Set List

Happy Worst Day
Coffin 4 Two
Beautiful Disaster
Freak Flag
Three legged dog
Judgement Day
Dark days come
Needin love
Leave me your smile