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Welldiggers Banquet

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"Imagine The Rolling Stones, if Steve Earl had founded the band"


Welldiggers Banquet is a Roots based Rock band in the Los Angeles Area. Although the band is active in the Americana scene here in LA, its unique style and solid songwriting are what help the band stand out from the rest of its peers. Drawing not only on the influences of Country and Western, the band also leans heavily on Classic Rock, Texas singer/songwriters, early 70’s British Glam Rock, and Memphis Soul.

The band started out as more of a folk singer pairing between two Texas transplants, Matt Campbell and Ben Reddell, both of whom had a strong desire to write and perform songs like their heroes. Playing local clubs as a two-piece, they performed in this manner for a while, and then cut an unreleased EP back in Austin with producer Darwin Smith (Gourds, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Polyphonic Spree). But a desire to have a full band and find a California home for their Texas-centric sound, started to fill their minds. With the addition of California native, Travis Popichak on drums and later Dan Russell on bass, the core was formed, and the band began find its unique voice.

One of the first things you notice about Welldiggers Banquet is that they are not a” Train Beat Country” band. Deriving a more Texas Rock style pacing similar to Doug Sahm, The Band, and Head, Hands, and Feet, the sound has been described as “the Rolling Stones, if Steve Earl had founded the band.” In 2007, the band recorded and released its debut, full-length album Welldiggers Banquet. Over the past year, the band has incorporated both the amazing Charlene Huang on violin and the multi-talented Matt Margucci on accordion. Welldiggers Banquet's song “Frio” was featured this May in the A & E two-part movie, “The Andromeda Strain.” The band continues to write and perform new material in Los Angeles and beyond.



Written By: Matt Campbell/Ben Reddell

Come on lady float across my mind
Don't you think that maybe, you could even treat me kind.
Watch the sunset over in old Mexico
When the fields stop blooming, don't it make you want to go
I want to float down the old Frio
with my lady and a bottle of wine.
We can take all slow, i can carry you home there back across the county line
I want to live and I want to die
underneath the Texas sky.
and if I pack all up and roam away for a while, I'll be back by and by

Come on lady, speak to me in rhymes.
And though the sun is daunting,
it doesn't mean that it is time, yeah it don't mean it's time


Welldiggers Banquet - LP 2007

Set List

Typical set list:

White River
Broken Records
Come On In
Red Robbins Ray
Tri-County Radio

Occasional Covers:

Stay All Night - Bob Wills

Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown - Neil Young/Danny Whitten

Train of Love - Johnny Cash

Set - approx. 45 min