Meet the next "soul sensation twisting electronica on it's R&B ear" from Center city Philadelphia. Wellstar is a unique blend of Soul, Rock, Electronica, R&B, and Spoken word. http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/wellstar/


In the beginning before the Big Bang, there was a black hole teaming with stars.
We imagine our voices, our perspectives to be like those stars. Each with
it's own brilliance, vibrating at it's own rhythm, each with it's own right to shine.

Wellstar has performed 150 shows in and around the Philadelphia
/NY/NJ area since August of 2002 . We've have repeatedly performed at
Wxpn's World CAfe Live, North by Northwest, North Star Bar, The 5 spot, Dr Watson's The Balcony, Club 218, L'Hexagone, The Khyber,
Lions Den (NY) and various warehouse parties in NY),
averaging a showing of 100 people per show.

Our fans are typically women ages 14 -35 who continualy spread the word via email,
and word of mouth .Through them we were able to sellout our first printing
(1050 copies) of "From One Come Many" in just 3 shows with virtually no promotion.

We have amassed a fan-based email list of+1000 people who are constantly
communicating with each other and the band, helping direct and guide
us on our musical journey. (Email excerpts are included in the following pages)

Their entusiasm and involvement makes us confident that with the proper
tour support, and radio play our fan base will continue to grow and
provide a continued income for the band, the production company and any
company that invests in Wellstar.

From our own studio ,Wellstar Enterprises, in Center City Philadelphia
we have produced two albums "From One Comes Many"
and the second one "Music for Superheroes" which you now posess
(or can hear at www.wellstarmusic.com).

We have also written, directed, and filmed two videos; one promtional video
(welcome to wellstar) and a music video for the song "Alone".
Both are on the CD included in this package and can be played on any computer.
We are currently working on Booking a college and European tour for
the spring and summer of this year Wellstar. (Check website for updates)

In November we were approached by Caroline productions to shoot a full
length concert video. Excerpts from this concert at the 5 spot and the "Alone"
music video will appear on ch54 DUTV this April.

Wellstar shows (from December though the month of March 2003) are
sponsored by Stoli, allowing us to give our fans free drinks, and merchandise.

In December we were approached by L'Hexagone "the heppest club
in Philly's French Quater" to produce Tuesday night shows of new music
Following our entrepreneurial spirit we have since produced 20 shows at
L'Hexagone, and turned a dull Tuesday night into bastion of new music
heads craving good, truly unique, and accessible music

We use the term "eclectica" to describe our musical tastes and are influenced as much by Seal,
& Nirvanna, as we are by, Arrested Development, Jill Scott, Gil-Scot Heron,
The Chemical Brothers, & Otis Redding.


Keep the Devil

Written By: Wellstar

Woke agian with the monkey on my back to a shot of everything I even tried crack
Wallked pas the bar and I saw my friend Jack daniels say come low and try again

sun might come upand the world might frown
I'm gonna keep the devil down

I got an aa meeting but I'm drunk to go
noreaster's bleeding the white hot snow
parole man is coming to check my application
had more damn freedom on the reservation

I'm addicted behavior
An A>D>D chile
believe in a savior
but he better be wild

chorus -sun might come up

Now I'm going up to pittsburg to love me a warhol andy
gave my brother 20 he spent it on rock candy
aint it dandy
now flip to a video by mandy moore
another blonde eyed cutie tryin to be a whore

chorus sun might come up


Written By: Wellstar

It's all about the God in u
No ne feels me like you do
I see it in your eyes
I melt beneath your smile

chorus ur beautiful

separatin is loving u
u marked me with ur number
the heavens sent rain thunder



From One Comes Many -Lp -2002
Music for Super heroes -Lp -2003
Nicole -the solo trip -LP 2004
Lo rez skyline (in da works) -2005

Set List

we have two 45 minute sets
we can play and a 25 minute acoustic set.
We have been know to cover
Seal's -violet,
Sly and the family's -Thank you
Depeche Mode's somebody,
and do a dance hall melody with Sade,Bee Gees, and our own stuff thrown in