WellSwung Daddies

WellSwung Daddies

 Byron Bay, New South Wales, AUS
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The WellSwung Daddies are a 10 piece band that uses arrangements of the modern swing masters, The Cherry Poppin Daddies, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue and Brian Setzer, selected for their modern interpretation of Swing, Jive, Rock n Roll, Lindy Hop etc.


1. So what was the impetus for forming the Well Swung Daddies?

The two trumpet players in the band and I got together because we wanted to form a modern swing band that would attract dancers from swing, rock n roll and jive dancers. We are entertainers and when people dance we believe that we have succeeded.

2. How does having three sax’s and two trumpets influence your song
choice and your interpretations ?

The band now consists of two trumpets, two sax’s and a trombone, plus guitar, bass, keys, drums and our amazing vocalist Andrew Cox. We are what like to call a small/big band (a big band usually has four trumpets, four trombones, five sax’s, rhythm section, plus vocals). To keep a band like the WellSwung Daddies together we need to have arrangements and the guys need to be able to read music, so our song choices are based on the arrangements that are currently available or that we can get arranged.

3. What do you think it is about the horn that is so exciting and
evocative in music?

Horns are very physical, guitars, piano & drums you just touch, but horns you touch and then put them to your lips and in the case of sax’s you even put them in your mouth, they then become a part of you!

4. Are you a fan of 'big bands'...what kind of experience do you think
they give an audience?

Definitely I grew up as did all the horn players in the Daddies playing in brass bands and big band’s, it’s where we got our musical discipline. Big bands were “Show Bands” you got the full musical experience, they dressed as a unit, they played as a unit, they entertained, they made people want to dance. Big bands were there long before RSVP, in the big band era you met the love of your life on the dance floor!

5. How would you describe yourselves as a band?

A bunch of guys having fun, playing the music we love and given the chance “behaving badly”!

6. Tell me about the members?

Vocals Andrew Cox - Andrew Cox has sung with many popular local bands in the local area since 1994, most recently with his own original band.

Trumpet Laurie Green – played in brass bands and big bands all his life, is currently 1st trumpet in the Lismore Symphony Orchestra, SOUL’D and the Northern Rivers Big Band.

Trumpet Mal Bateman – Ballina businessman also played in brass bands and big bands all his life, spent 20 years as a professional player in the army and air force bands and also plays in the Northern Rivers Big Band.

Tenor Sax Andrew Hills – plays alto/tenor sax, clarinet & flute, has played in many bands, plays in local bands SOUL’D & Stipsky. Played clarinet in a circus band for a many of years.

Baritone Sax Steve Sax (Saxton) – plays tenor/ bari sax & flute, local business man that took the easy way out and decided to run a business instead of concentrating on music. Also plays in SOUL’D.

Trombone Josh Booyens – the newest WellSwung Daddy, banker by day, trombone by night, dress ups and costumes at every opportunity.

Guitar Robbie Cenda – ex Sydney musician with bachelor of music, played in numerous Sydney bands and has toured widely in Australia.

Bass Michel Voets –

Piano Michael Filmer-Smith – has played piano since he was six years old, he has a bachelor in Music from Southern Cross and has toured with many local bands.

Drums Mark Coffey

7. Tell me Steve about the most amazing gig you've ever been to....

I stumbled upon the “Blue Note” New York’s most famous jazz club in Greenwich Village at 2.00am and was totally blown away when I got to see one of my most favorite sax players Stan Getz. Not long before he died.

8. Tell me about them most amazing gig you've ever played...

Every time I get together with the musicians in the WellSwung Daddies it just gets better and better, you couldn’t find a better bunch of guys to play music with and hang out with.

Set List

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Mack The Knife
Always Gonna Get Ya
Big Time Operator
Go Daddy-O
I Like It
I Wanna Be Just Like You
Jumpin' Jack
King Of Swing
Minnie The Moocher
Mister Heat Miser
Mister Pinstripe Suit
Old MacDonald
Oh, Yeah
Please Baby
Tarzan Of Harlem
You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight
Hey Pachuco
Hey Sonny
Trapped (In A Web Of Love)
Watts Local
The House Is Rockin'
Jump, Jive & Wail
Rock This Town
Brown Derby Jump
Doctor Bones
Here Comes The Snake
Zoot Suit Riot
Big Fine Daddy
Busy Woman's Blues
Oo Poppa Do
Walk Right In, Walk Right Out
Rock Around The Clock
See You Later Alligator Bil
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Back in Town
The Boogie Bumper
One O'Clock Jump
Reet Petite
Zip Gun Bop
Boppi With The Blues
What Have I been Drinkin
Thirsty Ears
Doin It Right
Hear That Guitar Ring
The Big Apple Contest
Swami Swing
C Jam Blues
The Jazz Police