Saint Clair, Michigan, USA

Wemew is acoustic-eclectic post-ironic alt-country folk rock. We attempt to be deeply personal, but not quite whiny; funny, but not a novelty act; simple, but musically interesting; and principled but not quite preachy. Above all, we try to make the music fun and have a good time with the audience.


Wemew is a collaboration of lyricist and guitarist KT Ismael and eclectic bassist John Carey. Many of the songs on the first album were written and performed solo by Ish for several years, but didn't really find their voice until the addition of John's signature upright sound. While still staying within the confines of acoustic rock, the duo attempt to explore the limits both in style and orchestration while still performing interesting and enjoyable music.

Both Ish and John are music lovers of all styles, who also perform occasionally in avant-garde noise art rock collectives, jazz combos, bluegrass, blues, soul, and metal bands.

When playing live, the pair will sometimes add additional members to widen the orchestration and sound, but also frequently play just as a duo.



Written By: KT Ismael

:verse 1:
With the flagrancy of nations
intimating, this is yours but shortly
storing the moratorium in your aquarium tap, tap
and we turn towards glass towards each other towards lamps and lampreys

:pre 1:
"Can't we?" We can't,and its true.
Affluence hides in white lies
Smile this life isn't mine but yours
just shortly smile

And there's not enough country to hold you
The monsters are asleep in our beds
We won't stop until we have it all
Squeezing the truth from our heads

:verse 2:
fortunate hordes of abortions
glorying, presuming importance
ignoring forces deplorable, and that
is the last paper hat for the petulant bastards in the fortress to trap

:pre 2:
you can't hide in the mind from reviling
but surprise
time will unwind and patience she waits
for the truth you can't find


the mountains we build
the valleys we filled
one day must consume us
what we consume will consume us

and the skies will rain
bury us under diapers and cellophane
As we breathe our own hot air
and keep consuming and consuming until its too late to care

:chorus instr.:

:verse 3:
What a spacious waste we created,
hastily, with rapacious containers.
Tainted by complacent debating,
tasting the rain that contains our mistaken complaints and the wasted refrains.


Too Pretty

Written By: KT Ismael

:Verse 1:
You're still beautiful when you're snoring
passed out on the couch.
You make me lose my mind
and you draw me out.
I tried so hard to forget you,
but your smile wouldn't let me sleep.

So now I've lost my mind and I'm an insomniac.
Thanks a lot.
It shouldn't be legal to look that good,
hula skirt or not.

Its true you've got eyes like Athene
and you could surely launch a thousand ships (including mine).
Still and all it don't explain
what the hell happened to my brain.
You're too pretty for reason.

:verse 2:
I'm cautious and I think too much
but maybe thats the same thing.
When I'm with you I'm lucky if I remember my own name.
I used to be so careful
not to open myself up this fast.

We closed down the martini bar,
finished their whole list.
But there's nothing so intoxicating
as that first vodka-flavored kiss.

We stumbled back to your apartment,
collapsed on the kitchen floor (and held on tight).
What the hell is wrong with me?
I can't remember being this happy.
I'm too happy for reason.

:verse 3:
Its not fair you can be so smart
and still look so damn great.
How the hell am I supposed to argue with you?
I can't even concentrate.
Your hair falls across your forehead
and I ....

I wish that I could be 15
and still believe
things could stay this perfect
and you would never leave.

But you've got eyes like Athene
and you could surely launch several thousand ships (including mine).
Still and all it don't explain,
what the hell happened to my brain?

You've got eyes just like Athene,
and you could surely launch a whole lotta ... anything you want.
What the hell is wrong with me?
I don't know how to be this happy.
You're too pretty for reason.

Greatest Fool

Written By: KT Ismael

greatest fool

:verse 1:
I'm so goddamned humble, I should win a prize
for teaching all these poor dumb fools how to live their lives.
And I'm so goddamned clever, I should write a book
about how I saved the world from itself and the patience that it took.

Everyone I know always asks me what to do,
and I always have an answer to help them make it through.
But all my answers run out when I ask what went wrong,
when she told me she had to leave and then she was just gone.

'Cause early this morning she walked out and I just let her go
when I'd have said, "Run, run after her, fast as you can" to anyone I know.

and so I sit here wondering if she'll call.
Suddenly I seem to be the greatest fool of all.

:verse 2:
Early this morning she walked out and I just laughed it away.
I thought about my times of doubt, but I know that I'm OK.
Maybe she's just jealous, maybe she's insane,
Maybe she's too blind to see that I am this damn great.

Early this morning she walked out and I just watched her leave
and I don't know what I did wrong or what I should believe.
But after she walked out I started thinking twice
it suddenly seems pretty logical to take my own advice.

'Cause early this morning she walked out and I just let her go
when I'd have said run run after her fast as you can to ayone I know

And so I sit here, the writings on the wall,
whod've guessed I would turn out the greatest fool of all?

Can I admit it?
Can I just call her up?
Am I so stupid in my pride
that I'd just let her call it off?

Yes I am

:verse 3:
There's all kinds of girls, i could take off the shelf
who think I've even better than I think of myself.
But it just feels empty and not much of a choice
'cause every since this morning I can't stop hearing her voice.

She's crawled into my head and its killing me inside
and I may not have my happiness but at least I've got my pride.
Yeah, I know that I was wrong and treated her the worst,
but maybe I should just wait here until she calls me first.

'Cause early this morning she walked out and I just let her go
when I'd have said run run after her fast as you can to anyone I know.
I'm so goddamned stupid I willing to lose it all
just so i don't have to admit I'm the greatest fool.

:bridge and out:
Can I admit it?
Can I just call her up?
Am I so stupid in my pride
that I'd just let her call it off?

While We're Ahead

Written By: KT Ismael

I don't know what I was thinking on the night we met
but there was something in your eyes must've caused me to forget
that as a boyfriend I'm as useful as a crushed cigarette and I ...
ain't that good for ya neither.

But weeks go by and things don't improve,
I ask you why you're so pissed off and you hit me with your shoe
and maybe I deserved it, but maybe you did too, when you
are always so angry.

Now we come to the point that we can't get past,
two codependent locomotives off the tracks approaching fast,
and the collision would be beautiful if not for the wreckage that it left behind,
so lets just call it...

Good night, sweetheart,
Admitting that its over is the hardest part,
but lets be honest: We were doomed from the start
and we... shoulda known better

Good night, sweetheart,
No need to be ashamed that it fell apart,
Opportunity's knocking so lets be smart and lets,
just say good night.

:Verse 2:
Well we laughed so much and we fit so well
when I put my hands inside your pants, I could hardly tell
that after three weeks together it'd be like a living hell each day,
without so much brimstone.

But something magical happened back at your place
and nothing tastes so sweet as when I kissed your face.
I thanked all that I found holy and felt life was full of grace that night,
but nothing lasts forever.

So now its 4AM and we're on our own,
you went out dancing with your friends and watching kung fu at home
and we're as happy as we've been since when we were all alone and I
guess that's some kind of signal.



And maybe one night is as much
as anyone shoud expect
and maybe we should just be smart
and quit while we're ahead
but is anyone good at bein smart and in love?
Well no, so on with the show,
it gets more miserable as we go,
but how do you tell someone you love, to just go away?

:Verse 3:
I'm sorry that I couldn't be all the things I thought
and I'm sorry you couldn't turn me into something that I'm not.
I'm not sorry about laughing, but I'm sorry I got caught when you
tried to make an omelette.

I'm sorry that we didn't spend more time in bed
and I'd be sorry about the plums, like william carlos williams said,
but nothing that poetic ever happened and instead we
just yelled at each other.

I'm sorry that I didn't always treat you like I should
and I'm sorry it turns out your taste in men ain't very good,
I'm sorry about everything, but I guess that's understood by now,
but still I won't regret it.


We had one night that turned out good
why don't we just say, "Good Night"


Written By: KT Ismael

I got this friend who's climbing a mountain
one step at a time up to the top
and he says he can quit as much as he likes
just so long as his feet don't stop.

And I guess I climb my own mountain,
but it feels like it get further everyday,
and sometimes I feel like I should just sit here on the couch
cause what would I do at the top of a mountain anyway.

I've climbed so high above the clouds
but each time I realized I was right back down on the ground.
Every time I think I'll quit trying,
I'm right back on top again, the universe has such a sense of timing.

But the sun shines, the wind blows,
and I feel like my heads on fire, so what?
What did I expect from Tuesday anyway?
and Shhh... can you hear that?
The universe is perfect and I'm glad
cause I think I've seen better days.

Went to a party with Miss Communication,
but I couldn't understand a single word she said,
but we talked and we talked and we talked all night
with her friends, Miss Anthrope and Miss Guided.
But then I met this chick Satori
she smiled I smiled and the world was light.
We didn't have to say a word
yeah, I know her but she didn't stay past that night.

In the twilight of the dawn
a whitefish with an inch
of whiteness.
Breakfast comes and she leaves,
the toast is burnt the coffee's cold she's gone
and the world hates me.


Breathe in, begin with your wonder at the day.
Breathe out, find doubt and then throw it all away.
Its you, just do what you feel and what you know.
Just be, you're free, when there's no where left to go,
When you finally give up hope.

So I sit and lose my self my center,
breathe in breathe out I'm doing really good.
But my legs are sore ....
And now I'm driving and everyone makes me so mad I could just scream,
but its a scream of compassion of course,
and I'm myself again and I can't help the feeling when
I'm trapped inside the whirlpool is it me or just the water spins?

And if suffering is so damned illusory, then why does it hurt so bad?
And whats the sense in feeling?
You don't need peace until its gone,
cause Zen is really easy when you're life is going the way you want.

:chorus and out:


Written By: KT Ismael

:verse 1:
I love you just enough to stick around
I usually start running when my feet hit the ground
If you really wanna go then you can find the door
we're both adults and we've been here before

I know that its not a glowing review
but I feel a little less shitty when I'm with you
better than when I'm with anyone else
I don't know if that helps

:verse 2:
I don't know if you should go or stay
yes there are some times I wish that you'd just go away
but most of the time I'm glad you're along
but no I won't die if you are gone

the sun comes up, the sun goes down
love gets lost then it gets found
we don't get to choose what we find
and its not my job to change your mind

and I am not that romantic, I'm not your prince charming
I am only as good as I'm feeling right now
Try to understand that's not so great to begin with
and I am only as good as how much I can love you right now

you're real good looking, smart funny sexy and all that
but if you don't know that, well then baby, I take it back
I think you're real good, just trying to make you see
you'd be perfect if you only didn't think you needed me

I can only love you, as much as I can love myself
If you can't be happy, all alone you won't be with anyone else
all I can give you, is what I have, which is nothing I concede
but in the end, maybe nothing is exactly what you need

:verse 3:
In this life there are no guarantees
If you don't believe me poll the absentees
How many of 'em said they'd love you forever
then checked out when things hit stormy weather?

If you need roses and hallmark letters
to understand I can love you better
than any of these fancy dancing romeos
maybe you should go


The Message

Written By: KT Ismael

Well you called me up a year after the end
your message said some time had passed and maybe now we could be "friends"
well after all the crying, to forgive is divine,
but i'm just a man, with a broken heart
Oh honey, I never liked you that much from the start

You've got some problems and you don't know what to do
You wish you had someone to talk to who knows the real you
well you took a crap right on my heart
and that's not very ladylike
Oh sweetie, my compassion's gone on strike

its true we had some good times
I brought Corona you brought limes
and we mixed
and I can't deny I've missed you
but I don't think that's the issue
to be fixed
Each time I think about you
I want to break something
and I don't know how I could trust you again, then

I leave this message, so you know exactly where we stand
I was just gonna say "go to hell" but this is a little longer than I'd planned
and after all the pain, to forgive is insane
but I'm just plain crazy, and this deck is stacked
That's all, baby, just be sure you call me back.

For the Hostess at Joe Kool's Bar and Grill

Written By: KT Ismael

Why can I not forget you?
You walked me to my lunch and then
you walked away with my mind.

I'd like to take you home
but I don't know just what I'd do with you
(besides that, that's obvious).

And it takes more than sexual abandon to feed the soul
but not a whole lot more, I'll admit
I've tried so hard to find my self-control
but when I look at you I can feel the way we'd fit

Is this infatuation? That's nothing new, I've been
consumed by love before and spit out whole
But its not my creation, these thoughts of you,
they fall like rain, pleasant but unwanted.

And I'd like to buy you a drink
but I don't have much else to offer.
And what the hell would make me think
I've learned how to be your lover?
I'd like to let that rain fall down
be who we are, say what we say
but I walk away.

Is it love? Is it lust? Is it just a collection of molecules
gathering dust? Or is it just your sweater?
Did I go too slow? Did you move too fast?
What's the point when nothing ever really seems to last, if we're together?

And it takes more than sexual abandon to feed the soul
but not a whole lot more, I'll admit
I've tried so hard to find my self-control
but when I look at you I can feel the way we'd fit
and without a word you've about got me convinced

Why do I go on this way, you've got your life you've had
your day, What could I say?
I can't help but wonder why I still think I might like to try
just one more time.

And yes I believe in love, but its like I believe in sunshine
I see it and feel it up above, but I don't assume that it could be mine
I gave up when I saw what I became, the rules I'd break the price I'd pay,
so I walk away

What's the point, to follow your heart when all the love you know and see breaks down
and everythings falling apart, and your faith's gone with it.
I don't have the will I don't have the strength to keep
climbing the sun and burning again and again. Just forget it.

'Cause it takes more than sexual abandon to feed the soul
but not a whole lot more, I'll admit
I've tried so hard to find my self-control
but when I look at you I can feel the way we'd fit,
and without a word you've about got me convinced
(and when you're close to me I can't remember why I quit).

Screw the World

Written By: KT Ismael

Screw the world
there'll be time to save it tomorrow instead
and its raining outside
you look so good and you smell so nice
isn't it better laying here in my warm bed?

Screw the world
the sun will rise for one more day.
So lets enjoy it peeking through the windowshade,
lay around naked and let the morning fade
into afternoon and waste the whole damn day.

Why? Can't you be selfish for just one day?
Why? What did the world ever do for you anyway?

Screw the world
You know I'm glad you're so involved
and I care about great causes too
and your idealism's part of why I love you,
but right now I wanna love you the old-fashioned way.

Screw the world,
before you go just listen to my plan.
Lets go make breakfast then we'll hide away,
lets not put on any underwear all day,
lets do nothing as long as we can.


and we all know it needs saving
and the problems are severe
but if you can't stop and enjoy it
what's the point of being here?

And I know it's important and I know you should go,
but baby let me help you learn how to say "no".
If the economy's collapsing and the planet is too, then I don't wanna miss a single morning with you.
Everything is temporary and you gotta save yourself before you can be free.
I'm sorry baby, I know we do this everyday, but I thought maybe this time you'd stay... anyway.

Screw the world
There'll be time for you to save it tomorrow instead
and its raining outside
and you look so good and you taste so nice
isn't better laying here in my warm bed?
you know its better here in bed.
C'mon baby, come back to bed
and screw the world


Full-length CDs:
Different by the time we're done with it -- 2008

Set List

We can play one long set (at least an hour and a half) or several smaller sets. Currently there are about 12 original songs in our repertoire, with an equal number of covers that can be performed (usually in novel ways from the originals).

Too Pretty
Greatest Fool
The Message
While We're Ahead
Screw the World
For the Hostess at Joe Kool's Bar and Grill
Long Way Around
Happy for You

Sweet Leaf -- Black Sabbath
Say it Ain't So-- Weezer
Creep -- Radiohead
There Stands the Glass -- Webb Pierce
Our Town -- Iris Dement
Sanitarium -- Metallica
American Tune -- Paul Simon
Don't Let's Start -- They Might Be Giants
Seven Nation Army -- White Stripes (ukulele version)
Windmills of your Mind -- Bergman/Bergman/Legrand
Santeria -- Sublime (ukulele version)
Lithium -- Nirvana (ukulele version)