Wendel Duppert

Wendel Duppert

 Los Angeles, California, USA

"Just A Little Bit Gay" Wendel Duppert is immediately engaging, interacting with the audience in his own unabashedly quirky, campy style. He is a bouncy ball of fun and a little irreverent.


Wendel grew up in a blue-collar-village of 400 people in Upstate New York...it was not a good fit. When his Dad wasn't looking, Wendel made his escape to the bright lights of NYC. He was fortunate enough to pay his comedy dues under the wing of Lisa Lampanelli, playing clubs across the country. Wendel also had the thrill of being featured in her National Theatre Stand-Up Tour. He was quoted backstage saying "Now I know how Cher feels!"

Wendel was recently a red-carpet web host covering the 1st Annual Hollywood Streamy Awards. He has also be seen nationwide in Wendy's latest commercial campaign. Fresh off a commercial shoot for the "Swedish Lottery," Wendel plans to be HUGE...in Sweden.

Set List

45-60 Minute Headline Comedy Set