Wendell Franks

Wendell Franks


mix between Charlie Daniels & Chris Knight


I have played in bands for twelve years all over Alabama Now I'm trying to get started doing some acoustic solo stuff. I also pay occasionally with the Whiskey River Band here in Alabama. I feel like I am a pretty good Southern storyteller song writer you can be the judge of that!


Trying to make 8

Written By: Wendell Franks

I know I said in Idaho
This would be my last ride
I long since quit the rodeo
But the bottle's still by my side

I've had broken bones pain and such
But I just can't throw away my crutch
If I could just make twelve steps it would be alright

Trying to make 8 and I'm holding on
But I don't know if I can hold that long
I've got my heels dug in and my hat on tight
But it just don't feel good tonight
Somehow I gotta get i right
I gotta get straight and I'm trying to make 8

Last time I tried to get some help
I made it fine through seven steps
But the wagon is just one thing that I can't ride
I've broke bulls and Bronc's in the rodeo but I just can't let this bottle go
Makin' 8 s been the story of my life

repeat Chorus



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