Wendie's Words and the Wunderboys

Wendie's Words and the Wunderboys


"Wendie's Words and the Wunderboys are a vehicle of modern music transporting spoken word into a lyrical ferris wheel. Mutli-faceted styles, tempos, and original compositions propel poetry within a musical labyrinth."


"Like a beat generation caught in a new millennium time-warp"

During the fall of 2003, Wendie's Words began to intrigue the music industry. Playing shows from Northern Jersey to Asbury Park, NY to Savannah and Shreveport. Imagine people line dancing to blues poetry. Late 2005 Wendie's Words went into their own studio and Realities, Trends, and Bridges was born. With unique ideas in every arena of their business, 2007 finds even more folks around the globe wundering about Wendie's Words.

During solo past performances of 2002 and 2003, Wendie had incorporated free-form musical accompaniment supplied by various guest musicians and she developed a free-form style that was dubbed a cross between Rod McKuen and John Sinclair. "Now the performances mix tradition and beat essence combined with modern and folk rock music. In years traveling, before I met Dan and Rob, I experimented and only identified a formula; Rob made the formula happen, poem by poem into a fresh, real songwriting technique" Wendie Goetz says.

Rob Goetz, guitarist and musical composer writes and arranges the music that accompanies poetry immaculately. Now utilizing his talents as a composer, producer, and recording engineer, Rob has led the group to innovative musical frontiers.

Dick Lalley, also a multi-instrumentalist, has also helped to produce an excellent sound platform to transform poetic lines, personalities, and tones. His beats and drum arrangements serve a meaningful meal to the ear, heart, and soul.

Dan Pompei lays down cool percussive grooves providing poetry's motion lotion.

Bill Todd's got the juicy layer from the bottom end up, stroking sweet solos.

Wendie's Words, performing poetry in motion with music.





Written By: Wendie Wells/music Rob Goetz

Throw to the wind a tone.
Words follow a sound river,
Cutting through thick air molecules
To be captured in a funnel.
Must be occasionally distorted
As it spins a message to the brain.
Was the message sent?
The same received?

Inner sanctums built to hear,
Penetrating membranes designed to sort,
Touching nerves to return
A moment later on the lips.
It seems; mouth open,
Ears closed,
Brain, mind blocked
By our disclosure.
It can’t be possible to SPEAK
…To listen.


Wendie's Words (2007) - Realities, Trends, and Bridges - 12 song original release

Wunder (2004)-3 song demo
Wunder (2005)-demo re-released with new band lineup. "Listen" and "Wearing The Blues on Our Toes" played on radio and internet radio
Live at the Internet Cafe (2005)-10 song DVD

Set List

60 minutes Wendie’s Words original material

30 minutes traditional blues/rock arrangements adapted with poetry