Wendie's Words and the Wunderboys
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Wendie's Words and the Wunderboys

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"Poetry in Motion"

I fell in love with this band's music at the Saint during the monthly poetry and music shows. Wendie is a poet that somewhat reads / somewhat sings her poems to a musical backdrop. The effect is stunning and very unique.

Wendie's Words and the Wunderboys mix poetry amidst jazz, blues and rock and roll. The result is something unlike anything you've ever heard before. Coming all the way from Sussex County, Wendie and her band are something not to be missed. They regularly play venues like the Stanhope House and have developed a following along the Shore from shows at the Saint. They were featured in Upstage's February issue.

Music seems to blend with her poetry and takes it to another level. It's not just the beat, but it's the combination of the rhthyms and the visual that forms something reminiscent of a ritualistic dance cermony. It's something that has to be experienced and that's exactly what Wendie is after - she wants you to experience her poetry.

Her shows in Asbury Park earned her a 2003 Asbury Music Award nomination for Poet Laureate. Recognition for her poetry has been coming from all over. Her latest honors include an Honorable Mention in the Transcendental Poetry and Prose Contest from the Writer's Challenge Literary Association and an Editor's Choice Award from the National Library of Congress for her poem "Heaven".

Wendie Wells and her band provided the ultimate mix of poetry and music. Wendie is a poet from North Jersey that has assembled a great group of musicians who use jazz and blues to accompany her poetry and take it to a different level. Unlike other poets that may write lyrics that seem based in poetry, Wendie's music is truly poetry first with the music providing an excellent atmosphere for her poetry to flourish within.
- Upstage Magazine

"Wendie's Words..."

“Wendie’s Words can bring you far away from your world and close to her word. Wendie’s Words is a fine example of beauty and sadness, and a much needed enlightenment to a public dying for realness and quality.” Scott Stamper –

Co-Owner/Booking The Saint and Co-founder Annual Asbury Music Awards

- Scott Stamper

"Ultimate Mix..."

Wendie’s Words and the Wunderboys lay down the avenue for the “ultimate mix of poetry and music” says Gary Wien from Upstage Magazine. Gary is an Asbury Park historian, author, and editor.
- Gary Wien


Wendie's Words (2007) - Realities, Trends, and Bridges - 12 song original release

Wunder (2004)-3 song demo
Wunder (2005)-demo re-released with new band lineup. "Listen" and "Wearing The Blues on Our Toes" played on radio and internet radio
Live at the Internet Cafe (2005)-10 song DVD



"Like a beat generation caught in a new millennium time-warp"

During the fall of 2003, Wendie's Words began to intrigue the music industry. Playing shows from Northern Jersey to Asbury Park, NY to Savannah and Shreveport. Imagine people line dancing to blues poetry. Late 2005 Wendie's Words went into their own studio and Realities, Trends, and Bridges was born. With unique ideas in every arena of their business, 2007 finds even more folks around the globe wundering about Wendie's Words.

During solo past performances of 2002 and 2003, Wendie had incorporated free-form musical accompaniment supplied by various guest musicians and she developed a free-form style that was dubbed a cross between Rod McKuen and John Sinclair. "Now the performances mix tradition and beat essence combined with modern and folk rock music. In years traveling, before I met Dan and Rob, I experimented and only identified a formula; Rob made the formula happen, poem by poem into a fresh, real songwriting technique" Wendie Goetz says.

Rob Goetz, guitarist and musical composer writes and arranges the music that accompanies poetry immaculately. Now utilizing his talents as a composer, producer, and recording engineer, Rob has led the group to innovative musical frontiers.

Dick Lalley, also a multi-instrumentalist, has also helped to produce an excellent sound platform to transform poetic lines, personalities, and tones. His beats and drum arrangements serve a meaningful meal to the ear, heart, and soul.

Dan Pompei lays down cool percussive grooves providing poetry's motion lotion.

Bill Todd's got the juicy layer from the bottom end up, stroking sweet solos.

Wendie's Words, performing poetry in motion with music.