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BELIEVE IN YOURSELF  is  a Women's Personal Development Party hosted by Inspirational Speaker and Comedian Wendi Fox. This cooky feel good Personal Development Pow Wow spotlights the power of personal truth and positive choices. BELIEVE celebrates the power of conscious decision making and takes women on a journey of unlimited possibilities .

The BELIEVE message is based on the guiding  principle that happiness  is  directly related to  our  ability unlock personal truths, carry positive thoughts , make conscious choices,  and  declare ownership of  our  lives.

Through creative, inner active and nontraditional methods of reinvention,  Wendi equips audiences with the tools that they need to find their personal truths, respect their authenticity, foster their brilliance, and break their through fears.   

Through humor Wendi  tackles  and addresses the challenges  associated with  self-defeating  beliefs and non-productive  lifestyle patterns that  sometimes detour brilliant women  from reaching  their  full potential.

Wendi's  unique outlook  on  life  gives women the courage and permission  to  be who they want to be  without apologies and to  declare their freedom from the limitations of traditional, cultural, spiritual or gender specific adopted beliefs.   She encourages women to live their  lives  propelled by passion, guided by personal truth and grounded in self  respect.

The BELIEVE program teaches women how to tap into their ability to create and manifest miracles that will enable them to reach new levels of personal and professional satisfaction, despite life's challenges. 

Wendi Fox  is  dedicated to  empowering   women to pursue their passion,  live out their life's purpose,   and to leave a legacy  that will   inspire, encourage and support other women who are interested reaching higher levels of personal satisfaction and lifestyle reinvention.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF is one  Personal Development Party  you won't  want to miss!

- Fox


Wendi Fox encourages aspiring leaders to become INSPIRED visionaries and to be DRIVEN to DEVELOP, ENGINEER, EXPAND and DELIVER their ideas , methods, concepts , beliefs, messages, inventions and designs to the masses; while INFLUENCING others to join their efforts and support their mission.

Wendi's Visionary Leadership Program empowers the leaders of tomorrow to recognize their SIGNIFICANCE, unlock their personal TRUTH, discover their PASSION, declare their CREATIVE FREEDOM, and acknowledge their individual PURPOSE or MISSION in life.

She gives audiences the permission to allow themselves to be PROPELLED by their dreams , DRIVEN by their passion and guided by their ENTREPRENEURIAL and VISIONARY SPIRIT.

She inspires leaders to make the COMMITMENT to develop A PLAN OF ACTION and to become ACCOUNTABLE to themselves and others; to work toward their goals with an UNBENDING DEDICATION to manifest their ideas, to introduce their creations into the market place and nurture its DEVELOPMENT.

Wendi's leadership program strongly encourages audiences to personalize, cultivate, and implement a style of DISCIPLINE that fits their lifestyle, compliments their personality and serves their unique mission. She shows leaders by example, how to sharpen their OBSERVATIONAL SKILLS and become PROFICIENT LISTENERS, which ultimately leads to EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION and HIGH FUNCTIONING RELATIONSHIPS.

Wendi showcases the importance of mastering the art of INFLUENCE. She encourages leaders to quickly and effectively BUILD MOMENTUM through TEAMWORK and NETWORKING, while making an effort to RESPECT and encourage the personal development of those who have made a commitment to join the mission.

She explains the benefits of ORGANIC THINKING, CONSCIOUS DECISION MAKING, and emphasizes the power of POSITIVE THOUGHTS. All which has the potential to effortlessly TRANSFORM CHALLENGES into NEW OPPORTUNITIES and EXPAND potential.

Wendi spotlights the EXTRAORDINARY QUALITIES that all Exceptional Visionary Leaders have exhibited throughout history and celebrates their CONTRIBUTIONS to Society.

Wendi Fox's leadership program gives today's leaders the CONFIDENCE that they need to answer their highest calling. She delivers the techniques that are necessary for them to work to their fullest potential and the GUIDANCE that they deserve to help them to live a fulfilling life and leave a legacy that will INSPIRE others to do the same.
- Rowan


“Project Celebrate Safe”
The Choice Is In Your Hands

“Project Celebrate Safe” is an Alcohol Awareness Program that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of comedy and catastrophe all slammed together. “Project Celebrate Safe” is the most liberal of Wendi’s Alcohol Awareness Programs and was designed specifically for the college market. “Project Celebrate Safe” is full of wild stories, brain bending moments, safety tips and sobering laughs.

This program was designed to keep the attention of even the toughest audiences. “Project Celebrate Safe” is a combination of hysterical observations, profound questions and life lessons learned. “Project Celebrate Safe” primarily focuses on social safety on College Campuses today. This program reminds students, “The Choice Is In Your Hands !” Through humor, Wendi motivates students to take responsibility for their own actions and inspires them to make purpose driven decisions.

Wendi has been known for many years as the Anti-lecture Artist. She doesn’t pressure students to stop drinking. Wendi asks the questions that provoke thought and create change in their lives. “ Just telling students to stop drinking doesn’t work ”, says Fox. “It’s always my intention to INSPIRE students not attempt to RESTRAIN them. Helping students to find something in life they love more than getting drunk , that’s what works! Showing them their value in life. That’s what inspires them !” , Wendi adds.

Wendi brings “Project Celebrate Safe ” to a close with “The Big Beer Goggle Improv Challenge”. She invites two willing students to join her on stage. She decorates them with safety helmets and Beer Goggles before running them through a hysterically funny series of coordination and depth perception tests. What happens next is anyone’s guess! “The Big Beer Goggle Improv Challenge” is “on the floor funny”, while effectively demonstrating the dangers of drinking and driving.

Wendi’s mission is to entertain, inspire and motivate students to take personal responsibility for their choices while still enjoying their college experience. The Bottom line is “Celebrate Safe - The Choice Is In Your Hands ”. Find something in life you love more than getting drunk !
- Rowan

"Project Celebrate Safe"

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Dream Leader Wendi Fox, is a new breed of motivational speaker. A fast talking stand-up comedy veteran and former high risk drinker who transformed her near tragic party girl lifestyle into a personal and professional triumph. Fox garnered much attention on the national scene when she took her testimonial story and her comedic talents to the stage and won the hearts of millions of college students across america with her powerful reinvention message. Her comedic brand of “inspirational reality” soon proved to be a game changer in the motivational market place when she began to bridge the gap between education, motivation and entertainment. More than two decades later she's still the single most requested speaker and longest running drug and alcohol prevention and responsibility campaign promoter in college history. A living legacy in the field of motivational arts, she has gone on to lead a personal empowerment and social safety movement that continues to deliver progressive programs, powerful campaigns and entertaining keynotes that save life’s, create positive change, and nurture the human spirit.