Wendigo is playing groovy modern metal flavoured with twisted rhythms. However they came from a prog metal background which is still noticeably present in their work. It's all about the perfect balance between metal and popular things: melodic vocals and crunchy guitar riffs - the best of two worlds


Wendigo - a Hungarian modern metal band with influences from various styles - achieved a major breakthrough in their home country: They have released their debut album (Let It Out) in 2006, by winning the Best Debut category in the "Hungarian Metal Awards", and gaining the second place in the Album Of The Year section. Also, they were nominated for EUROVISION 2007 by the Association of Hungarian Record Companies (MAHASZ), and gained second position in the "Newcomer of the Year" section on Fonogram Contest, overtaking many famous Hungarian pop stars.

All of the album reviews highlight the unique sound of the band, and their way of mixing modern and traditional influences, crunchy guitars, tricky rhytms and melodic vocals into a fresh and exciting style.

Warning! Their live performance is also a killer!


Reconnecting (2004) EP
Let It Out (2006) LP
Thousand Voices (2006) - video single

Set List

Our tipical program is about 80-90 min in one set but we also play shorter 40-50 min programs on festivals. We also play covers from various metal bands, mostly harder stuff - but we are also making experiments, where we are "re-writing" other style songs, such as Madonna's Frozen which is defintively non-metal but an excellent song.
Setlist example:
1. Broken
2. Disconnected
3. Ricochet
4. Butterfly
5. Prophets of Emptiness
6. Frozen (cover - Madonna)
7. Bloodline (cover - Slayer)
8. Let It Out
9. Sangre de Dios
10. Rain Maker
11. Entropia
12. I'm Broken (cover - Pantera)
13. Two As One
14. This Love (cover - Pantera)
15. Thousand Voices