Wendley Kekauoha Jr

Wendley Kekauoha Jr


Hapa Hawaiian-lyrics about surviving, leaving paradise supported by non-traditional Hawaiian instruments and rhythms that wisk you to a tranquil beach, a constant tropical breeze, sun soaked days, star filled nights and someone special to share the experience.


"Ala Moana" was my first CD project. It's been two years and eight months since I released the CD. Time sure flies when one is having fun.
The band is just two people my twin brother and dear friend, O'Donel Levy and myself. OD is a genius when it comes to listening to the sound and being to improvise riffs and arrangements on the spot. O'Donel, a born and bred Baltimore jazz guitarist, but I had no idea who he was or what he had done. But from the conversation I quickly determined that he had been away and was itching to get back into the studio.
I don't know why we got along or felt like one but we did hit it off and we stayed in touch. laying somewhere we'd tried to go and visit even if just for a couple of songs. I was impressed by the man, his talent and his story so much that I asked if I could interview him for a writing project I had pending. He agreed and we got together several weeks later to do the interview.

We meet and before getting down to business we sit at the bar just "talking story" over a couple of cold ones. We eventually move to a booth where it's a little quieter to begin the interview. We discuss his childhood, growing up in the projects, his early health issues, his education, his getting out and playing music. The time just flew. We had met at 6 pm it was now 10 pm. But before we parted he asked me if I had any stuff. Stuff? I asked. "Songs, he said, Do you have any songs you want to record?" Yeah, I've got songs but I never thought I'd have the opportunity to record them. He says he has a small recording studio and if I want I can come out and see what happens. I tell him that I've never been in a studio but he says he'll walk me through it step by step. He says it up to you. I think to myself if not now when, so I agree to meet him to see where the decision will lead. It was tough work but I enjoyed the process and fulfilled a dream of recording my own songs.

September 2006, I received a call from a friend who was promoting a Hawaiian music concert in Maryland and asked me if I wanted to open for the Makaha Sons. The Makaha Sons are a huge act in Hawaii, Japan and the Mainland. I couldn't get the "yes" out fast enough. I had about six weeks before the concert so I called a couple of friends and we rehearsed six songs though we knew we were limited to twenty-five minutes. The day of the concert we arrived for sound check. We meet the stars and the hula dancers who will be performing. We do the sound check then it's just a matter of waiting till the performance.
It's time. The emcee makes the introductions and we walk onto the stage to a thunderous applause. I thank the audience and introduce our first song and the next twenty two minutes fly by. It was exhillirating, fun and a great time.


Ala Moana

Written By: Wendley Kekauoha

1.It sits quietly off a busy thoroughfare
If you're not attentive
You wouldn't even know its there
Its entrances marked only by traffic lights
Once was always open
Now its closed and gated at night.
Ala Moana with its scenic views
Of Diamond Head
A sunset with its golden hues
Ala Moana with its local style
Calls all to come and see and linger for awhile.
2. You can bask in the sun
Working on a better tan
Or swim in its waters
Or build castles in the sand.
If exercising is the thing that you do
Join the runners and joggers
Lapping the park a time or two.
Ala Moana with its summers waves
On a good day
You will hear all the surfers rave
Ala Moana with its local style
Call all to come and see and linger for awhile.
Ala Moana you're always in my memories
Good times spent with friends and family
Ala Moana we'll never be apart
For though we far away
You're always in my heart
3. So if you're near just come on by
Once you're here you'll know all the reasons why
Family and friends have been coming here for years
Its a lifestyle the Islanders willingly share
Ala Moana such a magical place
Where one can always find a smiling face
Ala Moana with its local style
Come, enjoy and remember with a smile.
Come, enjoy and remember with a smile.

Hawaiian Common Sence

Written By: Wendley Kekauoha

1. Kupuna, may I ask a question?
I'm curious and I want to know
To learn from your vast knowledge and experience
To help me on my journey down life's road.

Please share the true meaning of Aloha
As well as your love for life
Caring and loving for family and friends
And a dash of Hawaiian Common Sense

2. Kupuna, another question
What was life like not so long ago
I know we seem lost and all alone
But there are no easy journeys down life's road.


3. Kupuna, mahalo nui loa
For your time and knowledge shared
I promise in time I'll share all I know
To ease another's journey down life's road.

I'll share the true meaning of Aloha
As well as my love for life
Caring and loving for family and friends
And a dash of Hawaiian Common Sense

Heading for the North Shore

Written By: Wendley "Bert" Kekauoha

It's early in the morning
driving' my ol' Chevy van
James Taylor's on the radio
A cup of coffee in my hand
I watch as the street lights darken
And the sun begin to rise
I'm singin' along with a song I know
Just a few more miles to drive

Heading for the North Shore
Hear the waves will be rollin' in
Slidin' free and easy on a wall of blue and green
Headin' for the North Shore
Hopin' for a great day
We'll catch some waves
See some babes
Then we'll be on our way

In back my friends are talkin'
'bout what's possible today
Then decide it's no use worryin'
It's what it is . . . no more to say
Then it's a quiet for a moment
A match is lit . . a cough . . . a laugh
Sweet acrid smoke is heaven sent
Thank god, we're here at last.


We're out there on the water
Catchin' waves and shootin' the breeze
When you're on that wall of water
You're just flying free and easy
Then we're back in the Chevy van
After havin' a great day
We'll stop and get a bite to eat
Lucky we live in Hawaii nei.



Written By: Wendley Kekauoha

She was there in the morning
To start me on my way
She was there every evening
To help me end the day
As I grew
She worried more and more
Breathing a sigh of relief
When I stepped behind home doors

She was my mom a woman I took for granted when I was young
Who loved me unconditionally, prayed for me continually
And now that she has passed away
I miss her in every way, every single day

She had a smile on her face
A friendly word for all
If you were in trouble
She was at your beckon call
She had a saying I remember still today
If you can't say anything nice then it's better not to say

Sometimes when I'm alone
Or even out with friends
I'll hear a word, a phrase, a tune
that will take me back again
To a special place, a time, a memory
Tears fill my eyes
I look up to the sky
And I smile knowingly


November, 2005 - Ala Moana

Set List

A typical set would include some of my original tunes. A list follows.
Ala Moana
Hawaiian Common Sense
Leaving Hawaii Nei
A Hawaiian Feelin' Blue
A Flower Lei
Shores of Waimanalo
Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian Songs
Blue Hawaii
Tiny Bubbles
I'll Remember You
Kamakani Kaili Aloha
Days of my Youth
Pua Hone
Wahine Ilikea
Covers include standards, oldies, country, pop and rock. Songs include:
Route 66
Cry me a river
I left my heart in San Francisco
Funny, how time slips away.
Hold on, I'm coming
Mustang Sally
Over the Rainbow
Somewhere along the way
I Remember You
Peaceful Easy Feelin'
Sets can lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the agreement with the people giving the affair and the audience response to the music.