Wendy Bailey

Wendy Bailey

 San Diego, California, USA

Wendy Bailey's sound has been compared to the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, and Annie Lennox. Witty, melodic pop-rock that delivers via the airwaves and the stage!


Wendy Bailey has brought her sound to Southern California after making Seattle and the Pacific Northwest her performance stomping
ground. Currently residing in Encinitas, CA., she is playing all over southern California with her band in tow. The Wendy Bailey Band has quickly garnered a reputation of an excellent live show, performing original melodic and catchy pop-rock songs all penned by Wendy. Voted Listener's Favorite for San Diego's Radio Sophie 103.7, and continuous rotation on local music radio shows as well as national and international podcasts. Signed to Blindspot Records in 2009, a 2010 release is currently in recording process.


2001-Seeking the Meaning of Purple
2007-It Ain't Rocket Surgery
2009-It Ain't Rocket Surgery (re-released with Blindspot Records)
2010-upcoming release

Set List

Wendy Bailey Band set list:
1. I Swear, I Say (from It Ain't Rocket Surgery)
2. Harmless (from I.A.R.S.)
3. Nothing Left to Say (new)
4. Tow The Line (new)
5. Denial (new)
6. I'm The One (new)
7. Let Your Love Bleed (new)
8. Lucky Denver Mint (Jimmy Eat World cover)
9. Certain Appeal (new)
10 She Walks Groovy (from I.A.R.S.)

---for acoustic solo sets, the following songs are added or replace other songs:
-Was A Time (from Seeking the Meaning of Purple)
-Safe (Travis cover)
-Missing (from I.A.R.S.)