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Melody and harmony have always played a major role in the life of Wendy Flower.

Wendy was born in San Francisco and raised in nearby Millbrae. Her parents were deeply involved in music. Her father, drummer Arthur Flower was a fixture on the Bay Area scene, including a lengthy stint in the house band of famed Bimbo’s 365 Club. Her mother Jeane sang with big bands. Both taught music on the Peninsula.

So Wendy heard a wealth of jazz, as well as classical music during her childhood. She grew to love folk, pop, rock and Latin sounds.

Wendy became the lead vocalist of the promising Bay Area band Crystal Fountain.

In 1969, while still in their teens, Wendy & Bonnie recorded the now classic “Genesis” album. It quickly disappeared, due to the bankruptcy of the label, Skye Records.

Wendy subsequently sang with numerous other Bay Area bands, recorded jingles and added vocals on sessions with prominent artists, such as Cal Tjader.

Wendy earned her childhood education degree and taught music to young people via her imaginative Mew Mew Music program. She established The Flower Puppet Family, a children’s entertainment company featuring numerous puppets she designed. She released a children’s music cassette, the much acclaimed “My Pet Songs,” in the late ‘80s.

She and her husband Paul Freeman wrote and recorded “We Care,” the theme song for Project Wee Care, an organization which enables children to help the homeless.

Meanwhile, “Genesis” had become a cult favorite. Interest from such artists as Stereolab and such producers as Irwin Chusid and Mike Alway led to the album’s release on CD via the Sundazed label. It earned rave reviews from North American, UK, European and Japanese critics. It received airplay on many college, free-form and folk radio and internet stations.

The innovative Welsh band Super Furry Animals chose a sample from “By The Sea,” one of the beloved songs from “Genesis,” to open their “Phantom Power” CD. While playing San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore Theater, they invited Wendy to join them on stage. She performed a duet of the band’s “Hello Sunshine” with front man Gruff Rhys to a standing, cheering, full house. SFA included the rehearsal of that number in their DVD documentary “American Sasquatch,” a bonus disc in their “Songbook: The Singles Vol.1.”

“By The Sea” is also featured on the new Andy Votel compilation, “Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word.”

Now Wendy is back with “Flower Power.” Originally inspired by Paul’s screenplay of the same title, this is a family-oriented, folk-rock, ‘60s-ish message album. Themes include peace, brotherhood, individuality, the environment and animal rights. A portion of the proceeds goes to Free the Children, a very admirable international organization.

Wendy and Paul have already written many of the songs for her next project, a “grown-up” rock/techno/folk/jazz/Wendy & Bonnie-ish CD. This will be her first foray into this territory since “Genesis.”


Stand Up

Written By: Paul Freeman

by Paul Freeman

In the world today, we’ve got to know
When to say yes, when to say no
We’ve got to know what’s right, what’’s wrong
Come on, come one, let’s sing our song

Stand up -- for what you believe in
Sit down, when you don’t have a clue
Speak out, let your heart be your leader
To yourself, be true

We won’t be afraid, we won’t hide
Bullies can’t change what we feel inside
Don’t close your ears, don’t shut your eyes
The time has come, we’ve got to rise


Get ready, get ready, get ready...

Chorus (Twice)


Written By: Wendy Flower & Paul Freeman

by Paul Freeman & Wendy Flower

Imagination... Imagination

Paint outside the lines, with new colors that you find
Add your own design -- to the rainbow
Take a trip to Mars, in your rocket-powered cars
Play hopscotch on the stars -- make a light show

Imagination, Imagination, Imagination, Imagination

Compose a thrilling tune, on electrified bassoon
It will soar like a balloon -- improvising
Sail with pirates on the seas, invite mermaids home for tea
Join the gulls who fly so free -- be surprising

Imagination, Imagination, Imagination, Imagination

Look beyond, what you can see
Let’s fill the air -- with fantasy
In pixie dust, we all must trust

Imagination, Imagination -- use it, don’t lose it
Imagination, Imagination -- all is possible
Imagination, Imagination, Imagination, Imagination

A Little Bit At A Time

Written By: Paul Freeman

The young boy had no home to call his own
In the crowded town, he would look around
And feel so all alone
But when we reach out our hands
And let our hands
And let our love lights shine
We can save the world, a little bit at a time

The young girl tried to find shelter from the rain
Torn shoes on her feet, nothing left to eat
Can you feel her pain?
When we reach out our hands
And let our love lights shine
We can save the world, a little bit at a time

Let’s all be thankful for what we’ve got
And even more thankful for what we give

When we reach out our hands
And let our love lights shine
We can save the world, a little bit at a time
Save the world, a little bit at a time.