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Wendy Ho

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Comedy Hip Hop Ho who gettin dirty looks cuz she spit da best rhymes and sing her own hooks.


Blasting straight out the ass of NYC‘s underground comedy circuit straight to her currently running monthly The Wendy Ho Show at Carolines on Broadway (one of the most established, famous, and recognized stand up comedy clubs in the United States), Wendy Ho blurs the lines between music and illness. She will steal your purse, warn you about the dangers of flossing your teeth before giving head, and demand that “you feather Susan’s Loochey.� All of these subjects and more are elegantly penetrated on her debut album, The Gospel According to Ho.

The Wendy Ho Show show comes on the heels of the nine months weekly residency Ho & Mo Show at Therapy in NYC. She has also appeared at Jerry Springer’s Great American Trailer Park Pageant, The Laugh Lounge, The Ars Nova Theater, The Roxy, Rififi, Galapagos, XL Lounge, The Duplex, Rose’s Turn and Don’t Tell Mama’s.

Wendy Ho is Wendy Jo Smith. Born in Kansas City and theater schooled at Missouri State, Wendy Ho was anally birthed in early 2006 as the love child of Bette Midler & Dolemite.

Her video, Bitch I Stole Yo Purse is currently running on Logo.


Bitch, I Stole Yo Purse

Written By: Wendy Ho & Craig Levy

I stole yo purse
I stole yo purse
Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton
I shook the shit outcho purse and I left it on the lawn
Ain’t nothing but my Zoro sign
I shake that purse, and leave the shit behind
Beware of the way you flossin yo’ bag,
I’m a real ghetto bitch, not a funny fag hag
Eye on yo purse it reminds me of a cunt
Empty it out like that time
Eye on yo purse it reminds me of a cunt
Empty it out like that time

I stole yo purse
I stole yo purse
I stole yo purse, bitch and that’s yo curse, bitch
Lordy Mama, I stole yo purse

If you ever seen a bitch on the street with a purse she don’t deserve? throw ya hands up!
If you ever seen a bitch on the street with a MAN she don’t deserve, throw ya hands up?
And that’s where I come in—OKAY!?

I take yo purse and I take yo’ man too
I take him at a party and I fuck him in the bathroom
Find yoself a garbage bag, a satchel or ziplock, while you wonderin where yo purse is I’ll be suckin yo man’z cock
I shook it, I took it, ain’t no apologies
You stand there cryin and I say, “BITCH, PLEASE!�
You was the one who left that shit all alone
At least I didn’t take yo muthafuckin cell phone, cell phone bitch!
Ring a ling a ling, ring a ling a ling
I stole yo purse
I stole yo purse!


2007- The Gospel According to Ho

Set List

1. The Gospel of Ho Dirty gospel
2. Hoz Theme Old school hip hop, sample of “Radio Clash� by The Clash
3. 2 Nite Lady Old school disco
4. Cocaine Classic rock/hip hop/PSA, sample of “Cocaine� by Eric Clapton
5. Bitch, I Stole Yo Purse! Blaxploitation/old school hip hop/hard rock
6. The AIDS Gamble Country/PSA, sample of “The Gambler� by Kenny Rogers
7. Little Town Karaoke pilfering of “Belle� from Beauty and the Beast
8. Yo Teef Blaxploitation/old school hip hop
9. Special Holympics Gay orgy skit featuring Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Notorious B.I.G, DMX, Puff Daddy
10. Fuck Me Karaoke desecration of “Get Here� by Brenda Russel