Wendy Morgan Band

Wendy Morgan Band

 Evanston, Illinois, USA

The group covers 80's and current high energy R&B and pop tunes. A combination of originals and tasteful covers. All the musicians are singers which make the group a seamless unit of tasty musicians with thick vocal back-up to compliment the strong and upbeat vocals of Wendy Morgan.


Singer/Songwriter Wendy Morgan released her debut CD in 96 "Say Wen", a CD of self-penned originals in a Pop/R&B style. The song "Anyday Now" won a Billboard achievement award and " I just let go" received regular airplay on WGCI radio and American Airlines. In 2004 Ms. Morgan received an ASCAP writer award. The band has performed at many festivals over the years most notably "The Taste of Chicago" and played The SPACE in Evanston and Mayne Stage in Chicago


Free Aida

Written By: Wendy Morgan


Aida was a prisoner when she was growing up
Her parents always punished her for not being what they want
And if she broke the rules – they’d come down even harder
Until my friend Aida – couldn’t take it any longer

Chorus: Free Aida – we all said Free Aida Come on and Free Aida – Let Aida go

Kid’s in the neighborhood after school would hang around
Aida showed up one-day sayin’ she had fallin down
Bruises on her face she couldn’t look you in the eye
We all knew the truth but we all lived a lie –
I won’t forget the day Aida ran away -- ended up on the street
Where there’s another price to pay
Doin’ drugs and keepin time just to stay alive
I said "Keep believing in yourself Aida will survive


She just smiled and turned away – no hope in her eyes
Broken promises – bad cards –I realize
She was the fighter we all want to be
When we Free Aida it’s freein’ you and freein’ me

Write it on the wall – yell it down the hall
Aida’s Free and so are we –Now were standing tall
Write it on the wall – yell it down the hall
Aida’s Free and so are we now were standin’ STANDIN FREE


Say Wen is available on CD Baby and i-tunes also both
Next (Jazz CD) & Say Wen are available for listening on thevocalgymnasium.com and soon to be launched virb.com/thewendymorganband site which will have all new music and video available early 2012.

Set List

A mixture of covers and originals. Soulful tunes with a jazz flavor. I may cover a Sting or Patti Griffin tune or random cool song from the 80's. My originals very from hip/hop jazz to
R & B groove tunes an occassional soulful ballad.