Wendy Nichol

Wendy Nichol


A cosmic collision of Ani DiFranco, Nora Jones and Jason Mraz.


----Wendy Nichol takes the stage with a sound so organic, so soulful and so inspiring that it's easy to imagine her playing alongside the greats like Ani DiFranco, Norah Jones and Jewel. This sweet soprano's romantic blend of indie-rock and soul with a hint of hip- hop certainly keeps listeners on their toes.
----Wendy was born in Houston, TX and moved to Mexico City when she was 12. Later, she moved to Tulsa, OK with her family where she currently resides. In Tulsa, Wendy found her musical calling after joining choir and taking guitar lessons. Her songwriting came naturally as her journals are filled with poetry she has written. Playing solo for the first few years, Wendy now has a committed band, which included her husband before he was deployed.
----Wendy has performed her soul satisfying tunes at venues in Tulsa and at CD release parties for other bands. She played Diversafest last year and the Cain's Ballroom’s "Freaker’s Ball" as well as their annual "Ballroom Blitz" this year. She debuted her song "Seeking You" on Tulsa's Channel 6 morning news, was nominated for Rising Star in the Tulsa Spot Awards and has had radio play on the EDGE, IROK and Home Town Heroes, among others. Wendy recorded her first album Steppin Up which was released March 2007, including several live tracks and one hidden track.
----Wendy will be performing at an Indie Film Festival Friday April 25 2008 where her song "There Have Always Been" is featured in one of the films, Jesus Fish. Wendy will also be featured on the RSU local talent radio show "Home Town Heroes," Monday May 5th. You can hear her and her band interviewed as well as almost two hours of music she will perform live on the show.
----Wendy and her band are currently recording her next album which they hope to release by the end of the summer as well as working on a music video for one of the album’s featured songs. The singer/songwriter has signed with a booking agent and is hoping to go on tour. She looks forward to radio, film or television play.
----When asked to describe what sets her music apart, Wendy replied, "I don’t try to be like anyone. What comes out of a song is what the song calls for. I don't think about how trendy I can be or if I can sound like someone in particular. I’m me and no one else can do that."


What If I...

Written By: Wendy Nichol

Verse 1
Too many chances to say the profound
Slipped from my lips still encrypted within my self
Too many moments that have passed
Things I didn’t say that would last
And it seems maybe other have forgotten too
But I can’t bare my neglect of you

I must tell you what I’ve thought of you
I must tell you what I’ve thought of you

What if I never said the words
Told you how I care
Told you how I need you near
What if I never showed you love
Let you always know how you truly rock my world

Verse 2
Then I wonder have I ever moved the emotions of your soul
Have I ever stirred heart-felt thoughts
Have I tugged at the forgotten strings attached to your parts
Or have I moved like the unnoticed breeze today
Like the wanderer whom I paid no mind to

I must tell you what I’ve thought of you
I must tell you what I’ve thought of you


Written By: Wendy Nichol

Verse 1
I wish I would’ve hugged you last night
Why’d we have to say goodbye so soon
After we had talked for hours
We finally saw the moon
I can hardly believe
How beautiful you are to me
A few days ago we were nothin’
Now we’ve shared so many things

Thinkin’ of you
And I’m wonderin’
If you’re thinkin’ of me too
And I...want to see you again

Verse 2
Dreamers dream
Lover’s hopelessly love
Drivin’ themselves crazy
but never givin’ up
Could it be true that I
Finally met you
The irony of love
I must say goodbye so soon

Oh the thought never again
yes the doubt did descend
into my mind recently when...
Oh you fill my mind every now and again

And I was wonderin’
If you’re thinkin’ of me too

Light To Your Demise

Written By: Wendy Nichol

Verse 1
Black hats to black shoes, impression on the streets
Open windows to the soul, covered as heaven weeps
Do we keep learning even when we die
Or do we remain vacant as on earth because we don’t try

I am not my hair nor my clothes, not even the things that I do
I may come close to words that from my soul do pour
Then I realize that it’s someone else’s words
Someone else’s thought or idea or set of chords
And I don’t have time

I don’t have time to be like you
I won’t absorb your negativity anymore
I want to see the sun rise
And bring light to your demise

Verse 2
Made me unique he said so many times
I only wish that I could see through my fleshly crimes
Up and down roller coaster calls for faithful walks and faithful hands
Ripped with good intentions but plagued with name brands

Stealing from my surroundings the ashes to everyone else’s cigarette
Claiming from the crevices the winning side to every bet
Blue shaded glasses when I want to see it blue
Yellow shaded glasses when you see it that way too
I just want to be me, who I am and what I want
But I want to be you and what to you is always pleasant, go figure


Written By: Wendy Nichol

It's a change for both me and you
don't fret my dear
I'm gonna wait for you
Don't you know we have much more to loose
Than the average jane and her joe
Life without you is little more plane than I'd choose

And if more suns set than we planned
Settle at the end of our bend
I might cry a few more tears
The honor of my pain
Is someone else's gain
Let me tell you that the distance is the only thing in the way

I'm you're jane and you're my joe
what is this thing, yo I don't know
And the day we said goodbye
I will held my head up high
And the distant here is little scarey
But my love for you will not terry
I won't dishonor who you are
or what you've done
It's just a matter of time

Keep in mind I'm a little sensitive
I take in your every move
And you're a beautiful spesamin

No Yellow Brick Road

Written By: Wendy Nichol

This one's about me as if I haven’t done that before
It's about the next step giving up less and taking in more
I would follow but my brick road isn't all yellow
And I'd jump in but both sides seem to be shallow

Sometimes I wonder
If there's better for me out there
I could shake my fist
At disaster and it’d all disappear
I could tap my heals and
Forever would just appear
Won't you be my guide
There's no yellow brick road here

It can't always be some lame popularity contest
At some point there's got to be meaning in all of this
And I may not see that the end is happily
But for the love of God please tell if this pain will ever cease.

I don't care if you're better at this song and dance
I don't care if you meaner I won't give you the chance
I don't care if you're taller my fist still swings
Or if you're voice can get louder I can still scream
I'd rather lift them up than tear them down
Cause without love your just any vacant sound


Album entitled "Steppin' Up" was released last year! You can get it on our myspace profile, at shows and on CD Baby.
Working on new recordings!

Set List

Can do anything from 30 min to 2 hr sets (with a break)
Set lists varies every show to keep it different. Picking from more than 30 original songs.
Song List:
21 Tatoos(new)
All I Want
Am I Nothing
Beauty In It All (Hip Hop)
Beauty Queen
By My Side
Die to Myself (new)
Flaws You See (new)
He's Just a Boy
I Don't Know
I Give You Peace
I Just Do
I Remember
It's All In My Head
It's Called Not Meant to Be
Let it Go (new)
Light To Your Demise
Love of My Design
My Way Your Way (new)
No Yellow Brick Road(new)
Rocket Train(new)
Seeking You
She Calls Out
Steppin' Up (spoken word)
There Have Always Been
This Is For All The Girls
What If I
You Dance With Me
You Will Love Again