wendy oldfield

wendy oldfield

 George, Western Cape, ZAF

funky world SA rock. frontwoman. wendyo - sassy smooth .Plays Djembe drum and rocks. Controlled High energy band- all very accomplished musicians - very original style.


wendy oldfield is a singer and composer of beautiful music. she has worked in the South African music industry for 25 years performing and releasing music on the stations around S.A. Wendy has worked with many of SAs greatest artists on compilations and on stage. Wendy has been nominated and won many SAMA awards - for best vocalist , producer and album of the year. Over the last 2 years wendy composed and produced 2 childrens cds. Writing melodies and lyrics is her driving force and wendys social comment is quite profound and sincere.



Written By: wendy oldfield, brent kozak

When i lay my burden down
And I lie upon the floor
And the sweet surrender comforts me
Like ive always done before
When I lay my burden down
And let it be
The silent voice sings its song
And I am free
When I lay my burden down
Surrender what I know
When I lay my burden down
It is so
last chorus “ and let it go"

Im walking asleep
Im sleeping awake
Feel that familiar ache I cannot shake
Im tryna smile
But I want to scream
The chaos inside my head, it seems I cant even dream


Sweet you come to me like an echo of another life I know
Im flying in the afterglow
I flow oh oh
Im tryna smile
But I want to scream
The chaos inside my head it seems I cant even dream


African Lullaby

Written By: wendy oldfield

When the darkness falls and it is time to rest
I can hear the heartbeat in my mommys chest
She will hold me close
Keep me safe and warm
Hold me in her arms
Keeping me from harm

Lullaby sweet lullaby
Tula lala gashle (quietly go to sleep ) x2
Lullaby sweet lullaby
Tula lala gashle

acid rain

Written By: wendy oldfield

i watch you as you go to sleep
breathing so strongly and breathing so deep
a fantasy is to turn the page
and wish that we were born in another age
BRiDGE - and i know whats really going on , and the answers you know i cant find
i wonder yes i really wonder
will we ever see summertime

CHORUS - acid rain keeps falling down
burning holes into the ground
and the tears roll down my face
and it feels just like acid rain

i wonder if a child that dreams
has images and futures of pretty things
and when he wakes i pray he sees
a wonderous vision
not only memories


aaah I really wonder - again and again
aaah i really wonder - why it wont stop that pouring !!

crying game

Written By: wendy oldfield

I never been the one
to fall for religion
i never been the one
to seek what is sought
but i swallowed the pill and climbed
the hill, danced with jack and laughed at jill
and i thought i couldnt be bought

i never been the one to look to much further
i never been the one to think that ignorance was bliss
but i fussed and fighted with myself
until i was reunighted
and i found this

chorus -that the crying games not a game anymore
the joke thats been s just a comedy routine
that we are acting out to hide how we feel
dont you know this is real

i never been the one to swallow milleneum
i thought i should be thinking about today
but depression is strange when you think you can rearrange the things you cant change
life is funny that way


youcant stop the madness from going on
swimming through illusions ahead of the merrithrong
and yourvisions so clear youknow you dont belong and you cant stop the madness going on

i never been the one to bother or fuss
id rather think about me than think about us
but these days i dont know where ive been
i spend more time out of my body than in


Beautiful World
On a Pale blue dot
Holy Water
Small world/ Mondetta
best of wendyo
The collection
Childrens albums - Under African Skies
- Sing Along Africa

radio play ...songs
Acid rain - Beautiful World
dont stop believing - Plale Blue Dot
Lilah _ The Collection
Miracle -Beautiful World
Legalize -Pale Blue Dot
Time -Pale Blue Dot
Duwayo - Plale Blue Dot
Real World - Beautiful World
Holy Water -Holy Water
Heaven - Holy Water
Sun -Holy Water

Set List

I hour and 15 min. Most songs in Epk and many new ones still to record. epk not big enough to hold much material?
Paying a heavy exchange rate from Rands to dollars...ouch!