Wendy Rich

Wendy Rich

 Seminole, Florida, USA

Wendy Rich is an electrifying performer whose music deftly combines elements of blues, soul, roots and country into her own unique sound. You see elements of Tina Turner, Janis, Bonnie Raitt & Sheryl Crow and yet she has a style all her own and a great sense of humor too! A truly FUN entertainer!


A native Texan, Wendy was born and raised in a suburb of Houston, Texas... and joined her first band at the age of 13. For several years she focused on rock music, playing in clubs in the Houston area and dabbling in recording. She joined her first blues band in 1989 shortly before she relocated to the Tampa Bay area of Florida.
Since her arrival in 1990 to Florida, Wendy established herself quickly with her band Wendy & the Soulshakers, becoming a popular mainstay in the regional club circuit as well as making appearances at most major festivals & events throughout the region.
Over the years she has taken her band on the road up the east coast and to Europe as well as self-producing 4 cds.
In the year 2000 Wendy took some time off from the Soulshakers to tour as front person for the legendary Janis Joplin’s original band Big Brother & the Holding Company...who continue to tour to this day with 3 out of 4 of the original members. She performed with them at various venues all over the US and Europe through 2004 and still occasionally makes appearances with them.
In 2009 Wendy journeyed to Nashville, TN to collaborate with producer Kevin McKendree (Delbert McClinton’s keyboardist/band leader) on her new songs for her soon-to-be-released record entitled DRIVER.
“I’ve always been a Delbert fan,” says Wendy, “so it was natural for me to want to work with his stellar band Dick50! Especially when I heard the recordings coming out of the Rock House (Kevin McKendree’s studio)...and it was the right move! Kevin and I really clicked! I couldn’t be happier!”
Now with the new album DRIVER, Wendy Rich takes a major musical leap forward. “I’ve worked a long time toward this accomplishment,” she states. “I had such a fantastic time making this record and can’t wait to get out on the road and share this music with as many people as possible! The only thing that could be as fun as making this record will be performing it live!!”
Wendy performs with a 4-7 piece band with guitar, bass, drums & keys and brings a horn section whenever possible!



Written By: Wendy Rich & Kevin McKendree

Won't you be my driver
won't you take me higher
higher than I've been before
I need your inspiration
to reach my destination
why don't you open up that door
I wanna wanna have ya
got to got to got to grab you
put the pedal to the metal Let's Go!
Won't you be my Driver?
Won't you be my Driver?

You jump in the front seat
we'll roll on down the back street
want you to take it nice n slow
You can take my top down
drive me way on outta town
Ain't no place that we got to go
I wanna wanna have you
Got to got to got to grab you
Put the pedal to the metal
Let's Go!
Won't you be my Driver?
Won't you be my Driver?
Won't you be my Driver?
Won't you be my Driver?

I'll give you directions
straight to my affections
I promise its not hard to find
Turn on my indicator
"cause youre my navigator
and I'm wanting you to cross that line
I wanna wanna grab you
Got to got to got to have you
Put the pedal to the metal
Let's Go!
Won't you be my Driver?
Won't you be my Driver?
Won't you be my Driver?
Won't you be my Driver?


Wendy Rich - Feels Like I'm Drowning 1998
Wendy & the Soulshakers - Live At The Ringside 2001
Wendy Rich - This Time - 2007
Wendy Rich - Driver - 2010

Set List

Wendy Rich:
Brand New Addiction
It's Up To You
Workin Woman Blues
Feels Like I'm Drowning
Want Me
Drivin' Rain
Always A Woman
Self Destruction Blues
How Do You Know
I Have Loved You
Reason To Try
Leavin' Tullahoma
Powerful Thing
My Baby's Gonna Be Mad
Here I Am
Can't Help But Wonder

Ain't Doin Too Bad
Hittin On Nuthin
Further On Up The Road
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Route 66
I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
Me & My Bobby McGee
I Lost It
Lake Charles