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"Sultry, Sexy, Soulful, Groovy and Empowering"

Sultry, Sexy, Soulful, Groovy and Empowering describe Wendy St. Kitts new single, “Woman Empowered”. It resonates from the depths of Wendy’s gifted soul connects to the listener’s inner being, rising upwards empowering the mind making anyone who hears this song feel like one can do anything that he or she pleases. It has now become my morning routine to listen this song before leaving my home. “Woman Empowered” is my armor to battle any thing or anyone who stands in the way of achieving my goals. Like Wendy St. Kitts, I am, woman empowered! - M. Mandisa, Caribbean Vybes Magazine

"She’s a woman empowered"

“Wendy brings a jumbo project of soul, high-risks and passion. She’s a woman empowered." - www.chronicmagazine.com

"the Voice,"

The Voice. With Wendy Kitts it's all about The Voice. Woman Empowered is euphemistically orchestrated -- the music that underlies the voice of Wendy St. Kitts quickly becomes an afterthought.

Woman Empowered is a strong album from front to back. Give it a listen; it'll be worth your time. - Wiley's Word

"Lively, unique, empowered style"

Wendy offers a lively and empowered style that is all too often lacking from the young women we hear on HOT 97 (NY). Her music is like nothing else you will hear on the airwaves today, and that is something we should be very thankful for indeed - NY Amersterdam News, Reyes

"Refreshing, organic, rhythmic, soulful feel that has energy and life"

"..(Woman Empowered) feels like a personal journey or breakthrough, but it’s one to which all women can relate. She has a refreshing, organic, rhythmic, soulful feel that has energy and life. Loved the musicianship and live instrumentation. Drums and piano had steady drive. Bass was dynamic and upbeat. Well placed percussion elements. Great music! The melodies and phrasing were dynamic. To top it off, she has an engaging rich textured voice. Powerful and compelling performance. I can hear that she felt what she was singing. The lyric certainly connects and the uplifting, spirited tone drives the point home." - Taxi

"(Wendy's) music is on point and her vocal skills do not falter"

In my opinion if there are any doubts about Wendy St. Kitts as a singer/musician, in her song "Should I Love Him Or Walk Away" [this song] will surely put any disbelief to rest.

Woman Empowered, Wendy SK completes the full circle of anticipation. Even me (St. Clair Liburd AKA GCue Of Winn-Fm 98.9 & Host Of The Afternoon Drive Show in St. Kitts) was caught off guard with Woman Empowered. It is up beat, catchy and has a touch of freedom. Her music is still on point and her vocal skills do not falter - DJ G. Cue Winnfm St. Kitts radio

"Moves rebellious crowds"

This songstress has a presence and a voice that is guaranteed to move the most rebellious of crowds just by the passion with which she delivers her material. She goes to great lengths to ensure that the musical landscape (which she produces herself) accurately matches the lyrics that she is singing. http://vividnurban.com/2008/07/wendy-st-kitts/ - VividNurban.com

"Great voice"

A great voice. Her music is really big. - MTV-R. Hendrix


*Woman Empowered-debut *Album 4.08-USA via cdbaby.com & iTunes

*Woman Empowered-the single

Windy Road 2003

Sullivan Hall, NY, NY- 01.24.09
Anacostia Gallery, Washington DC - 10.4.08
Harry & Jeans, Charlottte NC - 3.15.08 (Moye Event)
JP's Restaurant, St. Kitts, West Indies 6.21.08
Evening Muse, Charlotte - Oct, 2007; 2006
Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte -2004
Mertz Cafe, Charlotte-2004
Morgan Heights, St. Kitts W.I. May 2003 (1 Woman Concert)
Le Bar Bat, NY, NY - April, 2003
The Double Door, Charlotte-2003
Soul Cafe, NY, NY -2001



Manager: Charles Fuller 202-422-0615
www.wendystkitts.com; myspace.com/wendyskb

There are few album titles more fitting than Wendy St. Kitts’ debut release, Woman Empowered. The music inside reflects the journey and musical rebirth of a woman committed to transforming lives through her music and self-expression and a collection of songs that display her immense talents as a singer, producer, composer, musician and arranger.

Hailing from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, Wendy grew up in the thrall of music; she began studying classical piano at the age of eight and music was everywhere in her household – pop, reggae, calypso, country, soul, classical and hard rock. But it was the sound of Barbara Streisand’s voice that, in Wendy’s words, “(She) blew me away. I was left dumbstruck by the sound of her voice.” The passion and smoldering fire of Nina Simone left its mark as well, but it was Ellie Matt, an enormous calypso star in the Caribbean, that inspired Wendy to begin writing songs and arrangements. But she soon stopped songwriting, as she found herself “too intimidated” by the old masters she was studying to allow herself the room to experiment and grow as a writer and artist.

Wendy continued performing in church and school, but it was her performance in a version of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” that got her to return to music. She recounts, “Communicating to the crowd that clearly and effectively re-inspired me to become a songwriter and singer. I then started doing open mic nights and really applying myself to my craft.” Moving to New York City in the 90’s, Wendy pursued her music with intent, but, as she recounts, “I found that everyone wanted the flavor of the month in the R&B world.” Disenchanted, Wendy then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, singing and performing covers.

Seeing that things were not working to her satisfaction, Wendy started over, this time, as she says, “from the ground up.” She remembers, “I started taking piano lessons again and getting my feel back and I began writing songs – for real - and once I had four good songs, I got a band together. Wendy then played some shows on her home island of St. Kitts. The reception she received was warm and she found her commitment to both her music and her life solidifying with each show.

Continuing the writing process back in New York, Wendy says she reached her full turning when she wrote “Raise That Head.” She elaborates, “That song is my conversation with God. It's acknowledgement that I had unfairly blamed God for my struggles with overcoming my past, but now I am asking to be received once more.” And with that, the dam burst. “My songs began coming to me in my dreams…like they were coming from God,” Wendy relates. “I may be sleeping, but I get the full melody and lyric and a great sense of the arrangement…and then I have to get up and record it.”

That process led to two weeks of recording in New York and now, the release of her new album, Woman Empowered. Opening with the title track, an anthem of determination to transcend the barriers she faces, Wendy sings the unforgettable chorus over a slinky, syncopated groove and a hypnotic piano riff. Her voice roars clear and true, unstoppable in its desire to fulfill the full range of her desires and commitments. “Should I Love Him (Or Walk Away)” is a ballad of full throttled power and emotional honesty that depicts her uncertainty to pursue love – when she knows how intense the experience is and how disruptive it can be. And “So Good, Yeah” is a showcase for the intense intimacy of Wendy’s voice; going from a whisper to a heartfelt demand and drawing the listener into her depth of her emotional world, it is an overwhelming musical experience. Musically, the album is a synthesis of the styles Wendy has taken in: rock, soul, r&b, reggae, afro-beat and the calypso of her native island.

Wendy is eager to perform her new music and inspire through her songs, much in the way she found inspiration in the midst of difficult circumstances. She declares, “I was in the gutter and lifeless. I went through hard times that I will never forget. In writing this album and sharing my story I have eased my load and am free. I never thought this was possible. I am smiling, dancing, laughing, living and loving! I have become whole.”

Wendy St. Kitts’ approach to music is to save and make lives whole through her voice, songs, talent and compassion. On Woman Empowered, the first life she has saved has been her own, but its message is destined to transform the lives of those who hear it.