Wendy Takes A Fall

Wendy Takes A Fall


We are an alternative band out of Nashville. We move around in genres from jaw dropping metal to a smooth love ballad. We are here to inspire you. We play for the fans.


Jojo Malugin, lead vocals and lead guitar, started the band in 2008. Through trials and tribulations we now have the greatest muscians for this band to rock your world. Jon Yancey is on rhthym guitar, Tom Williams on bass and Shae McDaniels on drums. Our music has an old school sound of alternative with a new twist of modern rock. Bayside, Nirvana, Led Zepplin, Foo Fighters, Steppenwolf have been some of our biggest influences.


We have 1 demo cd out with 7 songs. The song buttercups was aired on WAXO Lewisburg TN last year.