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Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"...rich sonorous voice..."

"A rich sonorous voice...it swirls outward like a subtle stream of sweet incense"
- People Magazine


"A true bohemian chanteuse...wonderful songs washed in terrific pop melodies and inspired vocals..." - New York Review Of Records

"Brilliantly performed..."

"Intelligent and highly literate songs...brilliantly performed and conceived with lyrics worthy of a first rate novelist...memorable melodic hooks and an intoxicating fervor..." - New York Daily News

"Elegant Compostions..."

"Elegant compositions about life and love...contemplative lyrics, highly imaginative, even exotic with the strong internal rhythm of good poetry." - Metroland Weekly

"Goose bump-inducing vibrato..."

“pure talent... timeless music...soul-baring lyrics and goose bump-inducing vibrato... depth and hard-won authenticity...” - SESAC Magazine

"Deep and Seductive..."

"A voice as deep and seductive as the still of midnight..." - - HITS Magazine

"Fan Reviews"

"The emotional impact of listening to "The Road to Paradise" is simply
stunning. These are songs that come at you so directly, from so deep
inside, with such rare honesty and clear beauty, and such an organic
force that I found I was completely transported from the task at hand
and had to give my full attention to the music. I was more than
captivated, I was captured. Wendy Wall's songs felt like grace to me."

Urban Planner

"Wendy Wall and her partner Baker Lee have collaborated on one of the
most beautiful albums I have ever heard. Wendy's vocals on The Road To Paradise are absolutely mesmerizing on her jazz-infused folk tunes, enhanced by Baker's lush instrumentals. Wendy's strong, emotive vibrato is the strength of this work."
Nusi Dekker

"These are powerful songs. Wendy Wall writes from her bones. She sings of the private inner-most things we have in common but few dare to mention. The musicianship is first rate: whimsical, improvisational, soaring, then melancholy. The Road to Paradise is a path worth taking."

Petina Cole
filmmaker, musician

"A beautiful and lush musical experience…Wendy's vocals are captivating and the music rich with lyrical imagery….love it!!"

Elizabeth Lyon - various


Wendy Wall (Capitol Records)
Two Birds (Wildbird Records)
The Road to Paradise (Tumblestone Records)



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wendy Wall has maintained her grace. She's survived heartbreak, inner demons, deferred dreams and the sometimes seemingly unforgiving terms of life as an artist. Rather than lapse into bitterness or cynicism, which Ms Wall would describe as a personal defeat, she has the rare gift of turning pain into beauty.

On your first spin through Wendy’s new record The Road to Paradise her densely textured voice is the initial draw; it is magical and haunted.

But don’t stop there. Spin it again and the voice draws you into the full beauty of the song. Listening to Wendy Wall's music is like appreciating a particularly lustrous fabric, a shimmering, intricately interlaced sonic weave of life, love, loss, transcendence, and hope.

With an unfiltered connection straight from heart to voice, Ms Wall sings of love lost, love renewed, of life, of community, of humanity, of "hard lessons learned", of transformation, in a voice that radiates warmth, empathy and a paradoxical innocence that somehow manages to coexist side by side with experience and wisdom. The lyrics, on their own, read as soul-searching statements on the human experience. An accomplished songwriter, Ms. Wall crafts musical poetry.

The finished fabric of her music allows what is essential to unfold slowly, the listener to savor the discovery. Through her creative process, Ms. Wall makes a real and lasting connection with her fans and creates a musical conversation to continue for years to come.

Wendy Wall is an American singer-songwriter, originally based out of New York’s Greenwich Village. She started out busking in the streets of New York City with singer-songwriters Ellie Sarty and Lynne Robyn and eventually went solo, moving to the Village and the thriving music scene there. Her recording career began in 1989. Her music is an eclectic blend of folk, rock, alternative acoustic pop, blues. Wendy first recorded in 1989 on SBK/EMI and was one of the forerunners of the eclectic female singer-songwriter wave that blossomed in the 90's and continues to evolve to this day.

Fans have called Wendy's music "wonderfully philosophical, lusciously listenable music" and called Wendy "one of our greatest national treasures, and one of our best kept secrets"

Wendy’s self-titled debut album on the SBK/EMI label, produced by Grammy winning producer Rob Fraboni, was a New York Music Award winner and seven-fold nominee, including nominations for Best Female Vocalist and Best Songwriter, winner of Best Folk Album.

Her song "Postcard to the Stars" was featured on VH1's Earth Day Special in the 90's. Wendy’s songs serve as sonic oases, offering both sustenance and a vantage point for putting life’s terrain into perspective
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For Wendy Wall, the forthcoming CD The Road To Paradise (national release: March 31, 2009) represents a return to roots, to longtime trusted friends - musical and personal friendships originally formed in Greenwich Village and The Bitter End. The new CD is packed with players who started performing together as part of that thriving downtown scene, the authentic downtown family. Wendy writes of her journey to the new record:

�What I finally did start to do was write. Then bring the songs to Baker, to the studio, to the band. I met with Stewart Lerman. He and his studio exuded warmth. We started to record and over the course of two years made a record I named The Road to Paradise after a song I�d written. It took that long to make because resources were slim, but the time was good. Baker Lee, Kevin Jenkins, Steve Holley, Marc Shulman, Larry Campbell, longtime, trusted friends who supported the songs in so many ways.

Music has always made life possible for me. If someone needs to hear the story I�m humming half as much as I needed to hum it, randomness factors out. And it all makes sense�.

The ethereal and dreamlike quality of the opening and closing tracks on The Road To Paradise provide perfect bookends to a lyrical and musical story that represents a time of further transition in the artists� life.

The Road to Paradise ~ ~
13 new songs written and performed by Wendy Wall.


Baker Lee, guitar, and co-arranger
(Melanie, Sonny Terry)

Steve Holley, drums and percussion
(Paul McCartney and Wings, Dar Williams, Joe Cocker)

Kevin Jenkins, bass (Cyndi Lauper, John Gorka)

Marc Shulman, guitar
(Suzanne Vega, Edie Brikell, Jonatha Brooke)

Larry Campbell, banjo, mandolin
(Bob Dylan, Roseanne Cash, Paul Simon)

Tommy B Thompson, background vocals, guitar, co-arranger.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

for the full version of the artists' Bio, please visit the official website: www.WendyWall.net

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The ethereal and dreamlike quality of the opening and closing tracks on The Road To Paradise provide perfect bookends to a lyrical and musical story that represents a time of further transition in the artists� life.

��we are what we were seeking�