We Plants Are Happy Plants

We Plants Are Happy Plants

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We Plants Are Happy Plants is the one man musical project of Peter Bergmann.
I’m from Budapest, Hungary and my mission is to create electronic music that makes it possible for joy, happiness and ultimately upliftment to flow through the listener and to (if even for short lived moments) take you (and me) above mind created constructs, so we can really feel alive
and ALLOW what is happening in the present moment.


I've been making music since 2006 and released 3 full length albums and countless remixes for international and hungarian artists. My unofficial remixes for Daft Punk, Radiohead, Hans Zimmer and my own track 'Apollo' have reached the top charts of hypem.com through blog posts.
My remix of Time (from the Inception movie soundtrack by Hans Zimmer) was actually shared by Hans Zimmer himself on all his social media channels.
I'm working on my fourth album titled 'Songs About The Unspeakable'.


Full Albums:
UITC (2010)
Time Is A Landscape (2011)
Any Day Now (2012)

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