We Read Minds

We Read Minds


Our music is epic and engaging - we keep the crowd entertained with dynamic and progressive music that takes listeners along for the ride. With beautiful melodic sequences that lead into epic and powerful progressions our sound is unique and attracts a wide range of listeners.


We Read Minds is a Baltimore based indie / progressive band that has been playing under its current line up for 2 years and is passionate for creating dynamic songs that is engaging for all listeners. The group takes pride in their artistic ability and are all well rounded in the visual and musical arts. "We strive to make each song very dynamic to keep all our listeners interested. We will bring parts up in volume and intensity and ease it back down." Influenced by bands such as: Radiohead, Tool, The Beatles, Mogwai, and countless others, the sound We Read Minds creates is enchanting. "Our live performances are no different from our recorded material - with epic portions that balance the mellow parts, unique time signatures, three part harmonies, tasteful electronic elements and more." Future shows are promoted whole-heartedly with designed and hand screen printed posters by the band, and hours of street and online promo as well. "We genuinely love what we do in every way."


Our very first EP is on itunes now! Full length coming very soon....

Set List

35-40 min set
Of the Nest
the Colour
Rely on the Moon
Catatonic Cats
The Difference