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"Thursday, We.re All Broken, #12 looks like you, Minus the Bear...Show review"

Show review at 'the Door' Dallas,TX
March 13, 2006

"We.re All Broken is a band that is definitely unique and has a powerful performance. Their vibe mixes well. They all share great music talent that blends well on stage. Whether they rock out or stand still, their stage presence still puts out a lot of energy that is pleasing to the audience. Fans or not, everyone listened."
-Caz Bevan
- On Tour Now

"Music Review"

January 13, 2006
In this corporate age, it’s tough to find many do-it-yourself success stories. But We.re All Broken is one.

This sextet does it by injecting maximum passion into its bouffant rock music. That and living on the road, touring eight months out of the year.

When I write DIY, I mean it. We.re All Broken books its own tours, records it own music and does its own artwork and layout. If they could release their records on their own — with the confidence they would reach the most interested parties — they’d probably do that, too. But as it stands they released their debut, “Campaign Moving Slow,” on tiny Fidelity Records. Even without a media juggernaut behind it, We.re All Broken has managed to play with such acts as My Chemical Romance, the Dillinger Escape Plan and Every Time I Die.

“Ambrosia” is a simple three-song 7-inch meant to tide fans over before the next album drops. Even so, it does its best to pull out all the stops.

“Ambrosia,” a new song, is emotive, charging rock. With the dichotomy of painterly melodies and serrated edges at play, it’s a track that should be met with fist-pumping acclaim.

“Baltimore” and “Hail Vagabond Bride” are both from “Campaign Moving Slow.” This version of “Baltimore” is acoustic. It’s done gruffly, a sort of dirty and sweet sonancy. The multiple layers are courtesy of three guitarists in the band.

“Hail Vagabond Bride” gets royal treatment. Strings and cello. A 92-member children’s choir. It was done with marked ardor before, but now really goes for the emotional gullet.

Such an assiduous band, devoted to both its music and marketing, deserves credit.

Consider “Ambrosia” a little valentine to the fans. A limited press run of 500 copies makes this a collector’s item.
-Wade Coggeshall - Journalreview.com

"Itialian Music Review 9 of 10"

We.re All Broken "Ambrosia 7""
(2005 -Engineer Records- -Koi Records-)
We.re All Broken are a band hailing from New Jersey: this isn't the usual emo core ,no no guys..this is an emotional/shivering mix of music played with heart and dedication; flavoured of all the best sounds around like Funeral For A Friend, Thursday, the Beautiful Mistake, The Mars Volta, Choeed And Cambria, Alkaline Trio, Story Of The Year....and many many stuff like that. Yeah, now you know exactly what We.re All Broken are playing for: "Ambosia" is a 7" (colored version and limited 500 1st pressing) which contains their new single "Ambrosia" and two tracks from their latest album called "Campaign Moving Slow" ("Baltimore" -acoustic- and "Hail vagabond bride" -revisited-). In "Baltimore" there're choirs with 92 children's voice bringing a particular atmoshopere making ashes of your thoughts and your heartbeat. This is definetly a beautiful emo mixed with stuff like i mentioned already; We.re All Broken are one of the greatest bands ever heard. You must check out this dudes: strange, loud, crazy, awesome music, a new one for of emo/indie rock. Excellent.
- Fire Alive Webzine (Italy)

"Ambrosia 7"

Reviewed by: John-Michael Bond [Sat, January 14, 2006 @ 4:15:09 AM]

This 7” release by We.re All Broken is made up for their latest single Ambrosia and two rerecorded tracks from their debut album Campaign Moving Slow on Fidelity records. WAB play old school 90’s post hardcore along the lines of a dirtier sounding Sunny Day Real Estate with vocals that bring to mind Burt from the Used if he had a better range. The first track Ambrosia is a full of the tasty distorted post-hardcore goodness that sends the kids into a tizzy these days. With duel shouted/sung vocals and a strong poppy chorus this song is worth the price of the 7” alone. However little darling you’re also blessed with a most erroneous acoustic mix of the already pretty song Baltimore and the real start of the show, the rerecording of Hail Vagabond Bride. These boys may be Broken, but they’ve got a ton of creative ideas for their music.

On the rerecording the band has added a few elements that their original recording budget didn’t allow. Namely keys, strings and a 92 member children’s choir. While normally these elements in a post-hardcore song would smack of cheese and pretension, We.re All Broken pull it off with flying colors. The song sounds like the band finally embracing their inner art rocker. And since Trail of the Dead doesn’t seem to be touring much these days someone has got to pick up the slack.

As great as these songs are, the real star of this release is the vinyl it’s self. This year’s model comes in a sexy transparent brown with green splatter. Limited to the first 500 copies, this is sure to be a collector’s item once these guys have a few more tours under their belts. Hold this vinyl up to light. Snuggle with it in bed. Play the hell out of it. But make sure you check it out. This is a high quality release for vinyl nerds and music fans alike. Isn’t it nice when we can all agree!?!

8 out of 10
RIYL: Sunny Day Real Estate, Plans Mistaken for Stars, Sparta, Far
- Mammoth Press

""Ambrosia" 7 inch review"

2006 Summer Isuue -
We.re All Broken are the Emo band it¹s ok to like, and not just because I¹m giving you permission. They rock, and they rock hard, similarly to those early Emo bands that actually weren't a bunch of whiney, girls jean-wearing, eye-liner sporting haircuts. Think Sunny Day Real Estate, Ordination of Aaron, Vitreous Humor, Braid, Texas is the Reason and even Far. Hell, even the sole acoustic song has more balls to it than more than half the so-called Emo bands that scream nonsense from their friggin rooftops. This three-song
seven-inch is in support of the latest album, Campaign Moving Slow, and is worth getting alone for the stunning single "Ambrosia," but if that's not enough, one look at the hard work and time that was put into the packaging of this record, from the artwork to the multi-color splatter vinyl should make your decision that much easier.
- Under The Volcano

"9 out of 10 stars"

Campaign Moving Slow - Album Review 9 of 10 stars
It's been a long time since I've had trouble writing about a record that I really love. I don't wanna list bands that they sound like, because people will automatically assume that they are a rip off. This record is true art. I can tell they are influenced by bands like Radiohead, DJ Shadow, Faith No More, U2, and Thursday. Campaign Moving Slow is We.re All Broken's collective influences clashing and creating an inventive and just plain original sounding record. "Baltimore" starts off with an eerie cleanly picked guitar riff, before the band follows the riff up with a solid rhythm to back it, and honest vocals that can't leave my head when I go to sleep at night, and some solid ass Dave Grohl style drumming. The musicianship of this entire band all fused together is mind blowing, because every musician in the band is phenomenal. Their songs are very diverse; you've got your heavy, catchy rock songs, and your totally mellow jams, with sweet and tasteful riffs that don't go overboard. This record was produced at Big Blue Meenie Recording Studios in New Jersey by Erin Farley (Whose Engineering Credits include: Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Sick Of It All, and Christiansen). It's a solid production, and will sound awesome where ever you play it. "Long Pause/Short Pause" is a dark and dreary jam in the vein of Engine Down. "Estella" is one of my favorite songs on the album, it starts off with a tap delay guitar riff that is very dreamy sounding, and "The Red Carpet Welcome" has an amazing hip hop type DJ Shadow beat, and the band totally shreds on this song with Acoustic guitars, and play some things that I didn't even know could be played on guitar. If you're an open minded person that can sit down and listen to an amazing, diverse and musically phenomenal record, this is the album for you. - Absolutepunk.net

"Full length record review"

We’re All Broken/”Campaign Moving Slow” (Fidelity Records/2004)
The North Jersey five-piece formerly known as Unsound makes its full-length debut with an album that should play really well with the Mars Volta crowd, but could just as easily find an ear with open-minded punks. At times magnificent (“Long Pause/Short Pause,” “Ambrosia”), at times maddening (“Bit in the Head By a Woolf,” “Vomit On The Boardwalk”), “Campaign” attempts to find balance between a screaming hardcore foundation and a more melodic experimental bent. It’s a laudable effort, as the band envelops lead singer Warren Swan’s achingly beautiful delivery with ambient guitar, driving riffs and even viola and operatic backing on “Hail Vagabond Bride.” The band pulls off its balancing act quite well… perhaps a bit too well. It’s hard to stick a finger on exactly who’s going to like this CD, but We’re All Broken’s sound is such that you’ll either be left looking for more or wondering just what the point was. A piece of abstract art, “Campaign” is brilliant, even if not fit for mass consumption. Personal 
favorites: “Baltimore,” “Ambrosia,” “Long Pause/Short Pause,” “Estella” and “Bovine Scatology.” – Jason Notte - hushnj.com

"Gaslight Anthem - Kerrang"

August 2009 #1222

Good Music (comes from) NJ towns… where bands such as WE’RE ALL BROKEN have emerged. - Kerrang


April 2009- EP on DevilDance records (Gaslight Anthem, Let Me Run)
July 2008 - 4 Song EP
Mar 2006 - “Nothing in Between” self-released LP
Dec 2005 - “Ambrosia” 7-inch vinyl double label release on Engineer/Koi Records
July 2004 - “Campaign Moving Slow” full length release on Fidelity Records



WE'RE ALL BROKEN has been a professionally touring band since the fall of 2003. Formed in 1999 in Northern New Jersey, WAB is an independent band: writing and recording all their own music, doing all their own design work and booking their own tours.

Pent-up, with a penchant for impressing crowds, WE’RE ALL BROKEN is ready to kill the hordes of jaded music listeners with a new take on an old classic: Honest Rock. WAB are five members with over ten years DIY booking and take no prisoners performances that have yielded dozens of National and Canadian tours, including appearances at CMJ, SXSW, and The Vans Warped Tour.

After seven years with the same line up, WAB parted ways with their vocalist and drummer in 2007. During this time of transition, founding members Joe Sudano (bass), Jarett Quintana and Frank Giokas (guitars) wrote ceaselessly, their frustrations producing a deluge of new, exciting material. Joe Wilson (Welcome Home Travis, Feeling Left Out) entered in May of 2008 after what could have been a disbanding search for a new singer. Wilson not only took over vocal duties but also harmonica and third guitar, adding yet another layer to the established guitar onslaught that is WAB.

When long time friend Casey Lee Morgan (Revolution Summer, Laynemeyer, The Forever Endeavor) joined on drums, the new line-up solidified not only musically but idealistically. Within hours of entering the same room for the first time, “Blacktop Cry” was created and WE’RE ALL BROKEN’s relentless song writing epiphanies began anew.

“It's not a passing phase, or an old pipe dream,
(or) an immature idea of the life we've seen,
this is what we do it's what we want to be.”
-Blacktop Cry

"BLACKTOP CRY" 6 - Song EP on DEVILDANCE RECORDS available April 21st.

- Supported The Gaslight Anthem, Minus The Bear, Thursday, My Chemical Romance, Dillinger Escape Plan, Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw, From Autumn To Ashes, MeWithoutYou, The #12 Looks Like You, Third Eye Blind, The Rocket Summer, Bayside, Hey Mercedes, Armor For Sleep, The Academy Is, The Spill Canvas, Koufax, Copeland, Kevin Devine and others.

- Played over 600 shows since 2003, completed over 16 national tours (36 states and 4 Canadian provinces) and sold over 3,500 CDs.