We're No Heroes

We're No Heroes

 Cardiff, Wales, GBR

With our well received debut EP 'Quiet Colours', WNH have since racked up column inches in The Western Mail, been broadcast across the world on Topshop's store radio, toured the UK and also gained airplay from BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Wales & BBC6 Music shows.


Describing a person who writes and performs music as a ‘hero’ is preposterous. Music can give us pleasure, for sure, but has it ever thrown itself over a grenade, saved a family from a burning building, or even defeated Lord Voldemort? No, music cannot do these things. Why people worship Dave Grohl for putting out record after record of mediocre radio-friendly rock, or call Hendrix a ‘guitar hero’ I do not know. So it is with pleasure that we present you with a band who have no desire to be fawned over, and as such have named themselves We’re No Heroes.

Their first rehearsal took place during the summer of 2009 in – bet you didn’t see this coming – Chicago, where drummer Luke was living at the time. This led to the cementing of the main musical ideas behind the band: an intertwining of melodic guitar and bass lines set to indie-dance drum beats, while each of the non-Heroes – Luke plus guitarist Tom and bassist Dewey – assumes vocal duties. As such, their rejection of the rock-star system is reflected in the band dynamics: there is no frontman here. By sharing the vocals WNH take responsibility for their output as a group.

Inevitably the band’s sound is often compared with fellow math-rockers Foals, but there’s also a touch of Manchester to WNH. The dark, industrial feel of Joy Division and the more up-tempo post-punk of A Certain Ratio can be heard in songs such as ‘Life Out Loud’: the reverb-heavy guitar hangs high over the disco rhythm section, leaving a cavernous and atmospheric space for the vocals to fill. It’s an anthemic but unsettling song, danceable but contemplative. Meanwhile the cold synths and sparseness of ‘February’ brings to mind the darker moments of Klaxons, and the stop-start feel to ‘Aviator’ shows a more experimental side to the band.

-The Minature Music Press 2011-


Atlantic Hearts

Written By: We're No Heroes

This songs not about the sea,
But all it's fish seem to follow one beat,
quick step to a coastal pulse,
All these hearts are made of cogs.

This sands already left these hands,
Constant waves have broke this stand,
Limits past the dial and gauge,
Today begins, ends and frays away...

We Breath these hopeless starts,
These Frantic Heart Beats, Atlantic Hearts,
We see these hopeless starts...
....it starts.


Crossing Over (Demo) - 2010
Life Out Loud (Single) - 2010
Quiet Colours (Debut EP) - 2011
Empty Beat (Single) - 2011
TBA (single) - 2012
TBA (EP) - 2012

All Tracks can be streamed from http://www.soundcloud.com/werenoheroes

Set List

Life Out Loud
Empty Beat
Limit Pacific
Distort The Air
Atlantic Hearts