"This lot frankly piss on everything daring to pass off their wares as psych / space pop and bliss groove... blends elements of the bliss driven narcotic pop of Spacemen 3 with the looping mind warping tranced out vibes of the Silver Apples and Suicide..."


2008 was a busy year for psych/garage/pop-noir band, Werewolves. With legendary Cargo Records behind the UK distribution of Piccadilly Records-faved 'ES EP' 2x7" (BNS 001), Werewolves unloaded 500 hand-numbered copies to the masses. UK blogs and independent music zines took notice, opening their arms and welcoming Werewolves on their 2008 summer tour across the UK and Europe. The band (Singer and guitarist Brian Amsterdam, keyboardist Turner Halsey, guitarist Mike Maio, baritone guitarist Kimberly Arrigo, and drummer Ben Newman) went along with Vincent Cacchionne (of NY's Soft Black) to confuse and delight crowds wherever they traveled. Throughout the year the group spilled their blood at a long list of venues and non-venues; the performances chaotic, anarchic, blissed-out and raw. Readers of NYC's online Deli Magazine voted Werewolves band of the month in July, awarding them free recording time which resulted in the band's latest effort, the FIRE/WATER 7" (BNS 008/PWD 004).

FIRE/WATER is the second official Werewolves release. It is a 6 & 1/2 minutes-a-side 7" single of recorded improvisations during a three hour session at Grand Street studios in Brooklyn, NY. It will appear in shops in the US and Europe on the 24th of February, 2009. The digital download release is set for the 27th of January, 2009. If you live in or around New York City, you can purchase the 7" directly from Other Music in manhattan, Othermusic.com and Academy Records in brooklyn. You can stream the single online at the werewolves myspace site (myspace.com/amsterdam).

If you haven't caught on to the 2008 critically acclaimed 'ES' 2x7" EP that appeared in records stores early last year, some copies are still floating around in the UK and US independent shops and on iTunes & Amazon.com, where you can download the whole EP for $4. Three tracks from the four song EP are available to stream on the BNS Sessions website (www.bnssessions.com). Carrot Top distribution will be handling it's physical release in the US this year, and Cargo Records will continue UK distribution for both FIRE/WATER and ES (digital and physical releases). Be sure to catch Werewolves on tour in the late winter & spring with LA friends Spider Problem, NY friends Soft Black and NJ friends and BNS Sessions label-mates Fun Machine. Thank you for your support and be sure to keep your ears & eyes open for the debut LP in 2009.



concert dates will not be updated on this EPK. to view current Werewolves tour dates, please visit their regularly-updated myspace page: www.myspace.com/amsterdam



ES EP (2008) - (format: 2x7" vinyl & UK promo CD, digital download)
500 copies, hand-numbered
side a: pill box / side b: nose-bleeding girl / side c: haunt / side d: heaven or hell

400 hand-numbered mixed-marble 7" & digital download
side a: fire / side b: water

Tracks from both ES and FIRE/WATER have been played on the following stations around the world:

Music For Listeners [san antonio, tx, usa], Alooga Radio [germany], Sideways Through Sound [sydney, austrailia], BBC Introducing - Radio 1 [cardiff, wales], Radio Total [portugal], WXPN [university of pennsylvania], East Village Radio [nyc], KXLU (los angeles

Set List

usual set = 45 minutes
short set = 30 minutes
long set = 60 minutes