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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


""Throw a Dolla on the Beam" Gets 4 Stars"

On 'Killin' in the Cornfield': "WerfLi$$ lays down a dark type of vibe. The flows are very good and the production fits perfectly."

On 'Throw a Dolla on the Beam': "This is my favorite song on the album. The title track has a clean sounding beat done by Nick Gabba and Werfli$$... The hook is solid and the beat bangs in the background. This is definately a good song to bump."

On 'Grymee': "Cool beat done by Werfli$$. I like the first two verses (WerfLi$$ and K-Loc) the most. The beat gets your head moving as the verses spit tight. A tight song overall, I'm feeling it."
- Blutarski for 2siccreviews.com

"Dope Fac Debut is Dope"

"To me, rap music is all about telling your own story in a unique matter, and I can't find anything about this CD that is distinctly unique, outside of the George W. Bush recording and lines found in songs like "Killin' In The Cornfield" and "Cold Cuts" (both products of WerfLi$$)." - Rapreviews.com


"Massacre of a 12 Year Old Mind" (EP Version) (2002)
Gorilla Pits "Self-Titled" (appearance) (2003)
The Dope Factory "Throw a Dolla on the Beam" (2004)
"Our Side of the State" Compilation (appearance) (2004)
Gorilla Pits "Block Burnerz" (appearance) (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


When a man calls himself "WerfLi$$" and the name sticks like flies on sh*t, you know he's onto something. He captured a mindstate in 2002 with the "Massacre of a 12 Year Old Mind" EP, garnering a dedicated fanbase among the few hundred to get a copy.

After a hiatus during which he reportedly "did a lot of drugs," he returned to spearhead The Dope Factory's acclaimed debut release "Throw a Dolla on the Beam," an effort to finally unite the East Bay Area label once and for all.

While briefly successful, old turmoils resurfaced. With "The Drunken Mack" dormant, the new hybrid referred to as "Shredder" began a series of mind-altered attacks which focused on not only his detractors, but himself as well.

As unstable as ever, WerfLi$$ has morphed all three into on and channeled them into the "style of no style," a reflection of the self-proclaimed "most versatile and influential MC in the Bay Area underground today."