Leicester, England, GBR

I am a songwriter, pop, rock, country, Christian and music for TV and media


Alan J.Walker-Osborn


Music compositions
Composed 100 Songs/Tunes in a wide range of genres

Played professionally in touring bands
Played professionally in the Top Ten Club, Hamburg
Recorded a Professional 10-track CD for distribution
Recorded a Professional 4-track charity CD

Music Qualifications
Rock School – Trinity College Guitar Performance Grade 1 Merit
Rock School – Trinity College Guitar Performance Grade 2 Distinction

Music Education and Teaching
Teaching guitar professionally for 10 years
Attended courses of Guitar tuition


Nashville in my dreams

Written By: alan j walker-osborn

Nashville in my Dreams

Fell asleep in Leicester
Woke up in Tennessee
Here I am in Nashville
I’m in Nashville in my dreams yes I’m in
Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee

I was in the Grand Ole Opry
Playin’ my guitar I didn’t realise
I was gonna be a star in
Nashville, Nashville Tennessee

Didn’t pay a fortune
I didn’t spend a pound
I didn’t pay a penny
I didn’t leave the ground to get to
Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee

I didn’t get a taxi
I didn’t take a train
I didn’t fly by plane
but I Got here just the same ‘cos I’m in
Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee

I Didn’t drive a car
I Didn’t drive a jeep
I couldn’t have travelled far
I Travelled in my sleep I’m in
Nashville, Nashville in my dreams

I fell asleep in Nashville
Woke up in Leicester town
Been travelin’ round in Nashville
Been jammin’ all around in Nashville
Nashville Nashville in my dreams


Two CDs available. TV airplay in 2003

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