Berlin, Berlin, DEU
BandHip HopEDM

Wermonster is an electronic musician and producer living in Berlin.
His music is made under format of modern of psychedelic hip-hop, concentrating on the meaty side of it. Heavy heavy beats, deep, modern dub wizardness inspired basslines and a thick soundspace makes this experience both threatening and welcoming. At the same time it gives near claustrophobic horror movie feel and a pleasure delivered through pressure.


Wermonsteris an electronic musician and producer living in Berlin.
After participating in numerous rock and jazz projects as a
guitar and bass player, he started to create his own music in
the mid-90s, experimenting with computers, loops, synths and
samplers. After living in the north east of France, he moved
to Marseille in 2004 and started getting involved in the lo-
cal hip-hop scene: making beats and working as sound assistant indifferent recording studios there. Looking for fresh sounds he spent 3 months in LA in 2008, where he discovered the local wonky/beat scene.
Always pushing his work further he has decided to move
his lab to Berlin where he has already played live shows along-
side artists such as Thavius Beck (Mush/Big Dada), Infinite Livez (Big Dada), High Tone, L’oeuf Raide, Uzul(Jarring FX), Puzzle (Tigerbeat6) and many more…Definitely hip hop based, Wermonster’s music explores new musical dimensions, mixing breakbeats with sliced samples, acoustic, electronic melodies and cinema-
tic atmospheres to create a soulful psychedelic soundtrack.


2010 Spaced Katalyst Sessions (Mondayjazz Podcast)
2010 Kreis EP
2009 Mixtures and Farfisas EP