Werner van der Hoven

Werner van der Hoven

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You can listen to my music`s soulfull meaning which will either make you shed a tear or it will make you get up and dance.Heart throbbing rythmic acoustic guitar with aggressive yet suttle lyrics that will make even the biggest critics cringe of enjoyment.


Biography/Press Release

Werner van der Hoven started his musical career in the academic town of Potchefstroom three years into his Chemical Engineering studies to cure his cash flow problems, soon realizing that his passion for music would overcome his love for engineering.
He formed a duo with Gerald Clark called Clark & van der Hoven in December 2005 and performed at the KKNK National Arts Festival where it really all started.


1. The Best of the Best – Clark & Van Der Hoven
This was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Clark & Van Der Hoven proved once more what damage media-hype can cause. Nothing bad has been published about them, but then again, hardly anything has been published about them. One sort of expects that the more inadequate acts will be stuck at the end of the bill, the late-night shows that aren't expected to be attended in vast numbers. Perhaps this gig wasn't expected to be all that well-attended... The bar at the Gito Baloyi Jazz & Blues stage was absolutely packed, although there was plenty of space outside before Gerald Clark, Werner van der Hoven and friends took the stage. When they started to play, however, it didn't take very long for the bar to empty and the seats outside to be filled to such an extent that even a skinny mouse would have had trouble finding a spot. Two guys on acoustic guitars, a lead guitarist with the most beautiful Telecaster you've ever seen and a double-bass player. It was obvious that this was going to be something different. During sound-check, the band already managed to silence the crowd and demand their attention. And when they started playing, boy, did they play! These guys were definitely in a league of their own with their brilliant guitar work and beautiful harmonising vocals. When the lead guitarist put on his steel slide and the band started playing some blues tunes, the crowd couldn't help but start partying. It is also with good reason that Clark & Van Der Hoven could play the Blues like they were raised in the Mississippi Delta. Gerald Clark is none other than the driving force behind local blues band Delta Blue and Werner's admiration for this band, is what lead them on the road that they are now traveling together. These two young gentleman will undoubtedly still walk a long road together as, at 1:00 on Saturday morning, they delivered, without contest, the finest performance of the entire OppiKoppi 2006 festival.
Clark & Van Der Hoven – 10/10

Werner van der Hoven undoubtedly has the passion, conviction and talent needed to achieve exemplary marks in the world of the modern day musician.

It’s like this.

“In the dog-eats-dog music industry, new music needs to have an edge, but must be performed with a quiet confidence, with the kind of honesty and fearlessness that grabs your soul. You hear just that when Werner opens his mouth with a guitar following suit. His voice is old leather and the color of dry bushveld thorn. Strumming takes on a new meaning here. You simply cannot get enough. Consider yourself warned.

With his song "Shiny Streets" being shown on MK89 and the release of Clark & van der Hoven`s first ep, “Own Decision”, the crowd perked up like meerkats – and they listened – completely forgetting about their beer.


1. Clark & van der Hoven - Own Decision