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"Wes Austin, Alexander Native, announces first cd release"

The Taylorsville Times Wed Jan 23, 2008 7a - Taylorsville Times

"Wes Austin on B86"

A radio interview was held on B86 on Jan 12 - B86 radio interview


Wes Austin "Crossroads Country"
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You gotta judge a song by the way it touches your heart- not by who sings it or what genre it’s in. We all should judge songs by the way they make us feel.” These are the words of Wes Austin’s late Grandfather that still echo throughout his soul. These words are the foundation for what Crossroads Country was created.

Wes was born and raised in and around the “Gateway to the Blue Ridge” (North Carolina) and has been singing country music since the age of 3. Like most of the greats before him, he grew up with a deep root in southern gospel sounds that were influenced by his father, a Southern Baptist Minister.  “Southern Gospel will always have a special part in my life, my whole family sang: In the car, at church, and even in the shower! It was just normal. Mom would sing lead while dad handed out the rest of the parts. They taught us what to sing and which notes to hit. They then filled in a 3rd harmony or whichever part was absent”. That’s how Austin’s love for music transformed into passion….It was embedded deep within him. “I used to sit and listen to the old turntables my grandfather had for hours on end. I can still recall the sweet tenor of Marty Robbins, the heavenly voice of Patsy Cline and the soul of Charley Pride.”

Wes, who was obviously raised in a family with an over-abundance of musical appreciation, also draws influences from several sources. It is also from local friends and traveling tourists that he developed his sense of music and style. That style is paralleled only by the same rebellious spirit found in the late 50's-early 60's “sun sound”: a sound that embodies greats such as Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee and of course Johnny Cash. That sound is what evolved into Austin’s modern day style: Rockabilly.

Growing up in Western North Carolina, Austin made a true name for himself as the mischievous one. “I was always getting into trouble, but it made me who I am. There are very few things that I regret”. He talks about making decisions based upon whether it was worth the trouble he was going to get into for doing it, and with a smile he says most of time it was. Being mischievous also made Austin rebellious. He dared to be different. If one had to describe him in two words or less, it would be “True Grit”. He is the quintessential good ‘ole boy. Trust worthy, dependable and honest. When one asks him a question, he/she better be prepared for the answer !

The album is not just a crossroads of musical influences but also their memories and emotions. Some of the songs will make you laugh, while others will surely make you cry. These songs have all touched the very roots of us all who have listened to them and it is Austin’s sincere hope that they do the same for you. The first single, Heartbroke and Stranded, is an unprecedented anthem for those unlucky in love. It tells a true story of love and loss, in which we can all relate.

Austin is currently on the road with his hit single, his black and white cowboy hats and his rambunctiousness. Expect a bulldog in Austin…a loyal friend yet fierce enemy. This guy lives by the old school. Just like the western piedmonts and mountaineers, he will dig in his heels on his beliefs and he will not back down. He loves country music and he will not stop until the world has heard his voice. That is what a true artist is about---giving everyone a piece of their heart one note, one word, one song at a time, because everyone will meet at Crossroads Country.