We Should Whisper!

We Should Whisper!

 Soda Springs, Idaho, USA

Supporting The Class of 2010 Tour with Stephen Jerzak & Stereo Skyline this Mar/Apr. and working with Dave Seigel (produced TI's "Kiss Me Thru The Phone"), Kevin Gates (produced NeverShoutNever's debut EP) and several others on my upcoming debut album!


We Should Whisper is the solo project of 20 year old Lamoni Finlayson, hailing from Soda Springs, ID. We Should Whisper will be supporting Stephen Jerzak and Stereo Skyline on the Class of 2010 Tour this Spring, recording his debut album with legendary producer Dave Seigel (produced Soulja Boy's "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" etc), Kevin Gates (produced NeverShoutNever's debut EP) and several others!


The Home Demo EP (released Nov. '09)

Set List

Another Wish Wasted
The Way It's Meant to Be
Open Up To Me
Ain't The Same
Six AM
We're Gonna be Alright