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"Locals On The Rise"

FREMONT, Calif. — Former members of Tragedy Andy, Minus Vince and Calamigo, help make the fearsome Fremont fivesome, Weslester. These guys are composing some of the most innovative music in the Bay Area today. Harmonizing big hair guitar solos, chunky riffage, digital keys, mathematical drumming and a fantastic sense of humor make Weslester a very refreshing band to listen to. Their live shows are always an amazing full-contact-sport of a spectacle. Improvisation abounds and songs are never the same twice.

Pop sensibilities lend infectious melodies to Weslester’s tunes. Perhaps this is what allows their epic, orchestral, alterno-metal jams to project the illusion of radio-friendliness as the band fights through perpetual rhythm changes with soggy synths and pinch harmonics. For it is most certain that these dudes aren’t making music that will be played on any popular radio format any time soon. No, the masses are not ready for a band like Weslester. Fortunately for Bay Area music enthusiasts the band is making tunes for themselves. They are quite passionate as evidenced by their stage presence.

The band is simply bursting with energy and should be bursting onto a bigger scene any day now. For the time, being however, one may (and should, as soon as possible) catch them at many local venues throughout the Bay Area. To hear Weslester’s music go to www.myspace.com/weslester.

Band Members:
Kyle — Guitar/Vocals
Issac — Guitar
Jallah — Keyboards
Jason — Drums
Taylor — Bass

Written by: Nick Veronin - Zero Magazine


"The Bear Must Die!" - 2003

"Happiness Will Prolong Your Days" - 2007

"TBA" - 2008



Weslester has always been a band that has strived to push the boundaries of musical possibilties while still maintaining a satisfying degree of pop sensitivity.

The three founding members of Weslester, Isaac Bolivar (guitar/vocals), Taylor Rodriguez (bass/vocals), and Jason Senadenos (drums/vocals), began playing together in 2002 as members of the band at their local church. After jamming for a short period of time, the threesome began making music together on the side, accompanied by ex-vocalist, Nat Clubb.

After a few short months of practicing together, the band began playing shows, and eventually recorded their first album in 2003, which was produced by friend, Josh Small, in his living room, and tentatively titled, "The Bear Must Die!"

However, shortly after the completion of the recording, Clubb left the band for personal reasons.
The band continued playing together, and in 2005, former Minus Vince member Kyle Beightler joined the group.

This is when things really began to happen for the band. They quickly composed a lineup of crushing new songs, and began playing shows. After a few gigs, the band decided it was time to expand their realm of musical possibilities by adding keyboardist and former producer Josh Small to the mix.

In early 2007, after some work with Small and a couple months solidifying the new material, Weslester was once again ready to hit the studio. After spending a week recording at Sunvolt Studios in San Rafael, CA, Weslester immerged with a new album called "Happiness Will Prolong Your Days" or "Prolonging the Days" for short.

Also featured on "Prolonging the Days" was then tentative and current full-time keyboardist, Jallah. Shortly after the recording of the album, Small left the band for personal reasons, leaving an opening which Jallah eagerly filled quickly thereafter.

Today, Weslester is playing shows all over the Bay Area and elsewhere, attempting to share their art with as many people as possible. They also have plans to record their next album very soon at Nexus Studio in Oakland, CA.

The band's sound can be described as alien yet strikingly familiar. With shredding guitar and keyboard solos, funky breakdowns, innovative combination of synths and heavy rock, and deliciously sappy melodies, Weslester is sure to bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.