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I just like writing songs to the best of my ability.

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Don't Wanna Be Lone

Written By: Wes Snowball

Baby, I don't wanna be lone, don't go throwing me out of your life
Cos I'll always want, someone, somewhere to call my home,
Don't wanna be lone

It's time to change my life, cos I can feel you needing
something I don't provide and I can feel your thinking
I'd better change my ways or I'm out the door

Because I know that your so selective, cold collective
get what you want before you get it
cool by nature, such a stranger
everybody's friend till they feel your danger
satisfied with an easy ride, never give away what you have inside
there's no forgetting the past regretting and lots of things I don't know


I've tried, not to hide, but I can feel your seeking
the thoughts that I keep inside
like you need a reason
to get me out the way you don't want no more

I guess I know, that I'm introspective,
cold neglective, do what I want with no regretting
my times divided, I'm double sided
my friends come around uninvited
passified with an easy life
never get done when I do decide
contemplating the art of waiting
and lots of thing I don't show




The Truth

Written By: Wes Snowball

There's hustle and bustle
there's tears and there's trouble
there is everyone else and there's me
There's games in the playground
there's new smell and new sound
it's all that a first grader see's

It's not the pain of the fall, when pushed down by somebody tall
it's not the wound on your knee, it's "why did they do this to me"

you wear the right fashion
your job is your passion
but there's some place you'd rather be
you need a black spider
to sit down beside ya
and scare the fear out of your tree

It's the truth when you know, whichever or which way to go
be it a hard road or slow, you'll harvest the seed that you sow

It's said that a child
in his first seven years
will show you the man, but I disagree
the growing and changing
there's one thing remaining
above all the trials, and troubles, and tears

Its the truth when you know, whichever or which way to go
because the lies that your told get sweeter just like you grow old

I Still Want the Truth

There's games in the playground, there's new smell and new sound
it's all that a first grader see's

There's hustle and bustle, there's new smell and new sound
It's all that a first grader see's

There's hustle and bustle, there's tears and there's trouble
there's everyone else and there's Me.

Words and Music
© Wes Snowball 2011

Love Songs

Written By: Wes Barr Snowball

I could tell your voice from a hundred paces
Recognize your smile from a thousand faces
I would know your silhouette, from a crowded scene on a movie set
All I can do, to show my love is true
Is writing love songs about loving you

//VERSE 1//
You can hear the happiness, in the sound of the silent-ness
Just you and me, a gentle breeze in the tree’s, simple words can’t express
Times like these I love the most, cheek-to-cheek dancing nice and close
Sweet divine my valentine, without,
I don’t know what I’d do; I’m so in love with you
There’s one thing I can do, it’s
Writing love songs about you
Lucky Me, see, I got a friend, who’ll be with me till the end
Till that time, we’ll live and love our life, every moment we can spend.
Comfort food by an open fire, in the arms of my one desire
Loving you is silky smooth
You know I don’t know what I’d do, living without you
I can only show my love is true, by writing love songs about you
Oh yeah, we’ve come along way, we grow together day to day
There’s only one time when I find the words to say
While I’m writing love songs about loving you