Fronted by the brother Taylor on guitar and bass, West's songs display the kind of cohesivenesss that siblings bands can have. With Solid shards of guitar counterpoised with flowing melodic bass, the smarter side of early British punk-Fall or Wire-comes to mind. The Village Voice


This story begins in Portland Oregon, where a young Claremont Taylor spent the 90s as a regular in the northwest punk/grunge scene. In 1998 he returned to his hometown, NYC, where he co-founded what would become West with his brother Wellington Taylor. Together they began developing their unique sound, combining elements of free jazz, northwest garage punk, math rock, etc.

Claremont and Wellington began playing with long time friend Mike Zimberg and West was born. They set up shop in a small basement rehearsal studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and started gigging around Brooklyn and New York. In 2001 the trio ventured back to Portland to record their debut album, Trailduster, at Smegma Studios, releasing it DIY style on their very own Out to Lunch Records.

In 2002 Mike left the band to pursue the "boundless joys" of marriage. Claremont and Wellington asked Peter Rosch, their friend and fellow band mate from the group Richmond (Celebrity Hotwax, Olive Juice) to take over behind the kit.. His powerful and virtuosic drumming fueled the band into a creative writing frenzy.

Re-envigorated, West returned to Portland, OR to record their second full length album with Mike Lastra at Smegma Studios. In five days West recorded 21 tracks and came back to Brooklyn to mix and master it feeling a hell of a lot better.

Back in Brooklyn a burned CDR of West's new tracks was making the rounds and creating a buzz in the neighborhood. The Brooklyn indie label Two Dupes Records was quick to sign the young band and release their second album. WE FEEL BETTER NOW was officially released in late 2003 and to this day has only received glowing reviews. Songs off West's second release are now in regular rotation on XM SATELLITE radio and are being played on many college and internet radio stations.

In other recent news, WEST just acquired distribution on Apple I-Tune Music store, CDbaby.com, and dozens of other online music stores. WEST is also currently negotiating a nation wide distribution deal, details TBA and has been playing to a devoted and growing following at some of the finest clubs in New York and Brooklyn. Not to mention combing the east coast in Claremont's 78 Plymouth Trailduster and raising hell like the OK Coral anywhere they go.


For More infomation and or booking info E-Mail info@twodupes.com or westmusic@aol.com



Get Off

Written By: Lyrics (Claremont Taylor) Music (Wellington and Claremont Taylor)

I can't take this thing apart
Because you are a work of art
Well if everything you say is true
Well I can't help you

When you start to feel the shame
That's when you get off

I get off

Wll I have got a friend who says
There have been better days
Well I have got a friend who's sure
That nothings sacred anymore

When you start to feel the shame
That's when you get off

I get off

You're a flying bird of prey
What does the wind have to say
you're a sex crazed maniac
Ckocking on a piece of glass

Ten Million People

Written By: Lyrics and Music by Claremont Taylor

Even though the city never sleeps
It's not hard to dream here
Even though the city's filled with people
It's not hard to be alone

But it's hard if you don't want to be alone
And it's hard when nobody's around
Except tem million people that you don't know
Just ten million people that you don't know

Even though the city's filled with smoke
It's not hard to breath
Even though the night is cold
It's not hard to just go home

But it's hard if you don't wan't to just go home
And it's hard when nobody's around
Except ten million people that you don't know
Just ten million people that you don't know

back to L.A.

Written By: West

Don't worry I'm not going back to L.A.

Because you scream and you shout
I don't know what all the fuss is about
You moan and you groan

Well you make your objections know

Be cool we're not going to make it like that

If you want to hurt me
You're going to have to stay
Cause I won't care

If you leave me this way


Trailduster (out to lunch records), Portland OR 2001
We Feel Better Now (Two Dupes Records) Portland OR 2003

Set List

West's typical set list is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. However we have no shortage of great material. West has about 4 hours of material we could play at any gig and we sometimes get into fights deciding which songs play. Usually we play songs off our 2003 release 'We Feel Better Now' (two dupes records) and our 2001 release 'trailduster' (out to lunch records). West is currently playing a lot of new material we plan on recording in the summer of 2005.