Electric Blues influenced by some of the greatest artist of all time, from Muddy Waters and Lightin Hopkins to Led Zepplin and Jimi Hendrix. WESTBORN is determined to bring music back to originality and the pursuit of creating music with the soul and not trying to be another rock star wannabe!


WESTBORN was formed in early 2005 by a group of high school students in order to compete in the local talent competition. After taking 1st place in that event the band began playing local coffee houses and teen events. In early 2006 the band met a local band manager and the band known as WESTBORN was ready. They went right into the studio and recorded a 5 track demo of originals and began playing all around the Houston area. At just 17yrs old the members of WESTBORN wowed crowds from the coffee shops to the local bars and music venues. WESTBORN is original, raw, real talent with an understanding of what they wanted to accomplish in music. After being the runner up out of 150 area bands in the Emergenza Music Festival, the guys went into the studio to self produce their debut album at the Legendary Sugar Hill Studios in Houston. They released the CD under their own Indie Label Transistor Records. This 13 track self titled debut is the testimate to what WESTBORN wants to accomplish. The talent of these kids is just not heard of these days and it was all self produced. They know what they want and they know how to acheive it. Today at the ripe age of 19 the members are still focused on what they started. A fresh, real, exciting, much needed interpretation of what they call Electric Blues. And you can hear and feel it in the music. WESTBORN has now played in just about every Blues oriented venue and bar in Houston along with breaking into the live music capital of the world...6th St in Austin, TX where they have become regulars, and at some of the biggest music festivals in TX (Galveston Lone Star Rally Nov 2007 and the R.O.T Rally in Austin and the 7th Annual Blues Festival in Houston). Rock Stars make good TV, WESTBORN MAKES GREAT MUSIC!!! And the future possiblities are endless. Expect to hear alot about this band in 2008. And we Thank You for your time and support.


WESTBORN 13 Original Tracks Recorded in 2006.
Available via the web and local independant record shops.
You can hear them played on KPFT 90.1 Houston
Listen to tracks at www.myspace.com/westbornlive and purchase the cd via link on site.
Currently writing and recording their sophmore release set for early 2008 on the Transistor Records Label

Set List

15 Originals ranging from rock to blues with harmonica and steel guitar. Covers will range from Muddy Waters to Led Zepplin and include some other great songs like Johny B Goode, Foxy Lady, Back Door Man ect. WESTBORN can do a 45 min power set to open up for big acts and they can do a 4hr night at a big music venue/bar/club/festival.