straight up rock and roll thas in your face and cathcy to your ears..


westbound come from the little city known as Hamilton, combining thier own music of rough guitar riffs and catchy melodies matt and derek take rock and roll to all new limits, from winning tons of battle of the bands, to playing almost everywhere in ontario, the westbound fan base is growing emensly.


from nowhere to here-2001
westbound 27-1998

songs that have been heard on almost all college radio, as well as some majors, including 102.1 the edge in toronto and a featured members CBC radio 2.

1. Underdog
2. Rexdale Court
3. My Life
4. On My Own
5. Anti Anthem

Set List

set list from january show 2003

1. On My Way
2. These Days
3. What I Need
4. Rexdale Court
5. Underdog
6. Your Life Story

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