Westbound Departure strives to invoke the raw energy and drive of bands like Hot Water Music and Recover and fuse it with their own pop sensibility. The final result is something resilient, dynamic and catchy all at the same time.


Plain and simple. Westbound Departure is a rock band from Austin, Texas who are trying to give credit back to a dying genre. They strive to meld the timeless Blues and Rock roots that Texas's legendary music scene was built upon with their own brand of pop and high-energy rock to provide today's listeners with something that pays tribute to more than just temporary fads.

Formed in early 2005, WBD have been gaining fans around Texas and beyond with their energetic live shows and strong DIY work ethic. Everything is proudly done in house… whether it’s booking shows, printing their own merch, or doing all of their own graphic and web design.

The band, comprised of singer/guitarist Richard Tobin, bassist Seth Bridges, lead guitarist Octavio Gonzalez, and drummer Eric Andersen, will set off this fall to every city they can in support of their new EP, "Hi”. One listen and you'll be hard pressed not to admit that their brand of hook-laden, edgy pop-rock will be everywhere in just a matter of time.


Westbound Departure - Portraits EP, 2006

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Josh "NRJ" at Rhapsody Street Studios in San Antonio, TX.

1. Eyes Like That
2. Cut Your Teeth
3. Portraits
4. Leaving Transition
5. Past Texas
6. Dialogue Within
7. Holding Back

Westbound Departure - Hi. 2007

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by John Anthony and Mack Damon at Rhapsody Street Studios in San Antonio, TX.

1. Whisper
2. Find A Way
3. So Far
4. Georgia

Set List

Enough original material for 45 minutes. Each set contains 6-9 original songs.