Westbound Train

Westbound Train


Westbound Train plays ska you've never heard. On a level so tight you'll wonder what they've been listening to. More relaxed than the American Ska bands, more soul then the current reggaes band, and certainly tastier musicians than both current rock and pop scene. This is THE Train to be on.


Westbound Train has been bringing their sweet sounding dance music to the masses since 2001. Their 2002 release, Searching for A Melody, has been described as soulful, flowing, and well rooted, with melodic and yearning lyrics combined with a beat that you can't help but move to.
Though the winter of 2003 brought about a change in their lineup, Westbound Train has grown stronger with a dedication to their passion and an unfailing persistence.
Jesse Hayes, Cory Williams, Thad Merritt, Obi Fernandez, Rich Graiko, Gideon Blumenthal, and Josua Cohen bring together the feeling and emotion of old school R&B and Soul with a flavorful, new school flare. You can hear the ghosts of Curtis Mayfield, Jim Croce, and Marvin Gaye in every lyric that Obi writes and story that he tells. These influences and others, such as Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan, are referenced so effortlessly and fluidly that they leave the listener with the sort of satisfaction money just can't buy. Combine this with the truly authentic sound of their rhythm section and a horn section rivaled by few, and you have the recipe for a party you won't forget. But it's not just the way they tell a story, or the immense musicality of this group, that makes it so intense. It's the group's idea of family, the coherent manner in which they function, that makes this ensemble what it is. A desire to shed some positive light on this dark, dark world is the cement that rivets this association.
Spring of 2004 brought forth a new project of recording a new album. The album �Five to Two� has the passion and fire that Westbound Train is known for but also be prepared for a change in direction. This album reflects more on life and how it feels to be alive in 2004. Not quite so many love songs this time around, though there will be one or two in for good measure.
Westbound Train is not a passing trend. They are not a bandwagon that you jump on again and off again. The minute you hear them you know that one thing is certain: when this train arrives at its destination, you will be on it.


-Searching For a Melody: Stubborn Records 2001

-Searching For a Melody: Re-Release Megalith Rec/Stubbron Rec. 2003

-Kick Ass Ska Compilation CD: Pimp Rec. (Switzerland) 2002

-Leisure Riddims for the Working Class Compilation: SpitShine Rec. 2002

-Still Standing Ska Compilation: Jump Up Rec./ Megalith Rec. 2003

-Version City Session Compilation: Stubborn Records 2003

- Give Em The Boot vol. IV- Hell-Cat Records 11/09/04

-Five to Two: Relative Records 2004

-Give Em the Boot vol V Hellcat Records 05/22/06

Set List

We have over 40 Orginals, and an onslaught of traditional Jamican rhythms to pay tribute to. `