West City Avenue

West City Avenue

 Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA

West City Avenue is a rock group from Jonesboro Arkansas. We play all original music and stay pretty busy doing so. Keep up with us on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/westcityavenue


West City Avenue started up in late 2011. Before playing any shows we went to Columbus Ohio to record at Paper Tiger Studios. We didn't get the chance to finish one of our songs before leaving and had to write it while tracking drums. During drum tracking we took a short break and all went upstairs. Once we walked outside we found that Kyle's window on his car had been shattered. Outraged he channeled his frustration into finishing the song "On Your Toes." The song ended up being completely about how people are out to get everyone of us. All of the other music is simply about gals.
After driving 13 hours home with a trash bag in the window, we get a call from a fellow that Austin's old band played with. This was Leon Graves. He works at The Mix in Helena Arkansas. He was blown away by our demo. Within the week he had our track "Take a Look" playing as a regular on their station.
We pride ourselves on a good live show. Now days, we play a show, on average, twice a week. With such a high demand in our local area, we figure it is time to branch out. Stay tuned..


2011 Demo
1. Walls
2. Rubber and Glue
3. Take a Look
4. Question Mark
5. On Your Toes

Within a week, "Take a Look" began playing in Helena Arkansas as a regular on The Mix. Shortly after "Walls" would follow on a few internet stations.