Westcott is a five-piece indie-rock band from Pennsylvania. The group creates layered rock arrangements.


WESTCOTT's new 5-track EP CD "THE BAD SLEEP WELL" releases 5/2/06.


The Pennsylvania based alternative/indie band Westcott releases their first album with new singer Dan Grattan and rhythm guitarist Jason Rose. The line up change signaled a new look for Westcott as Cody Moyer dropped 2 strings from his duties as guitarist to play bass as only he can. "It was great to work with musicians of this caliber. Once we got the ideas onto the table the songs pretty much wrote themselves." said Grattan.

Mike Rathfon, guitarist, along with Cody Moyer, two of the founding members of Westcott concurred. "I worked with (Jason) Rose before, and at the time we were going in two different directions so it didn't work out, but now things seem to have meshed and we're all very excited at the possibilities."

Westcott started in 2004 without the intentions of progressing beyond writing a song for a Comp CD that a friend offered to produce. After the release, the group was pleased with product and decided to pursue more opportunities with the band. They released two EPs following the compilation album, and are due to release their newest album THE BAD SLEEP WELL May 2, 2006. Purchase information is available on their web site and on their myspace page.


Comp CD containing "Road to the Middle"
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by DLake

WESTCOTT (Sept 2004)
4 song EP
Produced by Westcott
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Rathfon

5 song EP (May 2005)
Produced by Westcott
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Rathfon

5 song EP (May 2006)
Produced by Westcott
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Rathfon

Set List

Our sets typically run 30-45 minutes and varies from show to show. Typically consists of picks from our recent releases and new material.